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White Light Cleansing & Protection

To cleanse your mind, body, spirit, or your home, office and any space where you spend a lot of time, use white light to remove any negative energy that is sticking around and affecting you. Use creative visualization to imagine white light washing over your body as if you stepped underneath a waterfall. Feel the power of it flooding over you from head to toe, cleansing you of problems and adverse energy that is attached to you, raising your vibration to a higher level at the same time. Once you feel you're filled with positivity, imagine the flow of white light going underneath your feet and forming a protective bubble around you until it completely surrounds you and closes at the top of your head. Now imagine mirrors attached to this bubble of protection. The purpose of the mirrors is to reflect any negative energy that tries to attach to you, back to it's source.

You can also use white light cleansing and protection on your home, in your car, or for any location you want to purify. This exercise will outline how to do white light cleansing and protection on your home, then you can apply this method to any place you like. Start at the front door and move through the house, flooding each room with a powerful burst of white light. Make the light so strong that it fills every nook and cranny, even places you can't see, until there isn't any space left in the room that's not illuminated with white light. Move through every room in the house doing the exact same thing. Imagine that the white light is a fast moving foam filling each room and overflowing them until the entire house is full. Send the white light through the house until you reach the back door and imagine it going outside through that door and then nurturing into a protective egg shaped dome or bubble that covers your entire house. You can even imagine that it goes underneath the foundation of your home so that the protective bubble is complete. Put shielding mirrors around the bubble and use intention to give the white light purpose. The goal is to remove the negative influences during cleansing and to keep them away with the protective bubble and mirrors. You can do this exercise in a matter of seconds after you've gone through the visualization a few times. It's fast, efficient, and will cleanse and protect you immediately. Most of all, it works. You can do white light protection for yourself, for others (with their permission), and at any time or in any place.

Audra Loibl Psychic Medium and Intuitive Mentor

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