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Matrixing & Pareidolia

Matrixing and PAREDIOLIA Audra Gordon Psychic Medium Trance Medium Mediumship Teacher and Mentor Mediumship and Psychic Readings Florida The Angels Medium



Photos can bring on matrixing, which happens a lot when you have different hues, textures, contrast and pixilation going on in the photograph. It's also known as pareidolia, apophenia or anthropomorphizing. Often times when your mind looks at something and tries to make sense of what it is, it will translate it into something that it is most familiar with, which often times are faces. When people think that they're seeing a face they assimilate that with a spirit because logically that's what makes sense to them, so that's why a lot of people think that when they see these faces in the background, that they're spirits when they really aren't, it's just matrixing. So what you have to do is isolate that area and start asking your guides questions. When you isolate that area do you in fact feel energy, or are you feeling the power of suggestion because someone implied that a spirit is there. It's not always easy to discern the difference because the power of suggestion can be very strong. I'd say probably 90% of the time when people see a face in the background, it's matrixing, very rarely is it actually a spirit. Seeing a face in the background isn't enough to positively confirm that a spirit is there, you can only discern this if you can pick up and read energy in that specific area by isolating it from the rest of the photograph, and then feeling the difference in energy between that spot and the person in the photograph, and again in another spot in the photo. In order to pick up a spirit, you have to become familiar with discerning different levels of energy. Below is an example that shows how matrixing translates in our minds, and how easy it is for us to mistake faces for spirits. 

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