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We all have abilities that we can tap into when we quiet our minds and listen to the distant whispers of our loved ones in spirit. This course will help you become attuned to the energies around you so that you can identify and discern the impressions that you're hearing, seeing and feeling.

And No! You're not going crazy!

There are signs all around you that you're picking up on already!

Ever smell smoke or a fragrance of a loved one in spirit, saw a butterfly around you that worked hard to get your attention, or seen a Cardinal perched on your window sill? Perhaps you've seen a sequence of numbers that you instinctively knew had a message behind it or had a gut feeling that something was different around you. Maybe you felt like you weren't alone in a room, heard your name being called out of nowhere, or knew what was going on with a perfect stranger. These are all signs that you have psychic and mediumship abilities that you can fine-tune to use on the daily.

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The Benefits Of This Course

  • Have a keen understanding of your Clair abilities and how to recognize the impressions that are derived from each of your senses. 

  • Learn how to go deeper into your readings so that you're incorporating more details in your responses.

  • Become proficient in receiving clear, accurate, and specific information.

  • Learn what to do when the reading isn't going well and how to re-establish the connection with confidence.

  • Highten your discernment between mediumship and psychic information, what is in your mind versus what is coming from Spirit or your Guides, and the difference between messages and validations.

  • Participate in innovative exercises to help you strengthen your abilities quickly.

  • Deepen your blending technique with Spirit by recognizing them through their essence, cultivating trust and credibility with your clients or friends and family.

  • Learn how to open and sustain a reliable connection with the other side and allow the evidence to flow through easily and continuously.

  • Acquire skills to read animals, the human body, relationships, financial situations, jobs, timelines, and more. 

  • Access tools to connect to your spirit guides and loved ones with ease. 

  • Become proficient in reading past, present, and future events.

  • Gain confidence in your ability to effectively provide readings to help and heal others with depth, detail, clarity, and accuracy using evidence-based techniques.

  • Explore mediumship ethically, dispel common myths, and gain a deeper understanding of mediumship and psychic work.

  • Discover your niche, whether it be in evidential mediumship, becoming a pet communicator, a medical intuitive, working on missing person cases or becoming a paranormal investigator, to name a few! 

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Ready To Get Started ?

  • This is a 6-week course.

  • We'll meet for an hour once a week.

  • Sessions will be over the phone so that we can have full interaction throughout the course.

  • Our sessions will be done one-on-one, so you'll have my undivided attention and can ask as many questions as you have. 

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