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Brian, Philippines

She was so right, and I mean SPOT ON about me and my business, and more other details which no one else could've known about, or found out about publicly. Every time Audra and I speak, she gives of so much energy that heals, motivates and inspires! Aside from one of the most absolutely stellar mediums I know, she is always willing to lend an ear and tell you what she thinks. If you're in need of a spot on accurate reading, and phenomenal advice about mostly anything, drop her a comment! As to you Audra, the world is a more amazing place because of you. Thank you for everything you do, you have no idea how many people you're touching with your wisdom and your work. Sending you energy always! Namaste 

Angie, Minnesota

Audra's reading for me was absolutely spot on. She was able to connect with my energy so smoothly. By far the best mediumship reading. Very clear messages from my son. Very lovely and heart warming. I would highly recommend her to anyone that would be interested. I look forward to learning a lot from her. I feel she is very confident, kind, caring and fully gifted. Thank you again Audra Gordon!

Jonathan, Virginia

Audra Gordon is an AMAZING, legitimate, extremely accurate, one-in-a-million psychic medium! She told me details that no one else knew and validated elements throughout the reading that blew my mind! She's the real deal and I plan to go back to her again! She's also helped me unlock and advance the natural-born psychic abilities that I inherited through my family's generation of psychics. She has a wonderful, caring, genuinely loving nature and personality, and she's full of love and light! Best psychic medium I've ever been to! I highly recommend her!

John, New York

I completed Audra’s Mediumship Development Class and obtained pages of knowledge and experience. In my opinion, Audra is the best medium I have ever worked with. She outlines each topic with a sub-topic and uses patience, kindness, and a great sense of humor. She is a pleasure to work with. I have recently started my Mediumship journey and working with the best mentor, I have a well-rounded understanding of what a gift this is to have. The class consists of 2 separate 3-hour sessions and the time does not matter to Audra. She will stay on the phone for as long as you need and explain anything that you may need clarification on. You can contact her after the course, and she will answer any questions you may have. Once you have the foundation mastered, everything else falls into place. You will be able to start practicing readings on your own. I highly recommend Audra as a Master Medium; it truly raised my vibration.

Tara, California

Audra's mediumship development class is the course to take for anyone interested in exploring and unlocking their spiritual talents and gifts. She really has leveled me up and has given me the tools to take the next step in my journey towards becoming a professional medium. She is patient and a wealth of knowledge!!! If you want someone who is passionate, attentive, and spiritually gifted - look no further!

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Here Are A Few Testimonials

From Clients Around The World

Andrea, Canada

Random, unplanned encounters with people that cross our paths are truly the best & most rewarding ones. Such as me crossing paths with Audra - by a total chance! At just the right time in my life. The psychic mediumship development session I had with her was not only very in depth, loaded with info, full of personal experiences, with clarity & samples, but I also knew she genuinely cares about my success. I wasn't just another appointment... How refreshing was that!?! You very much feel it too! She takes you on a ride like you've never been before & answers any & all questions that you may have too. Regardless of the allocated time, she spent 2 extra hours to make sure I was ready!!! 2!!! Who does that? Someone who truly cares... And that is Audra!!! I could write a book about how amazing she is, but I rather you experience it for yourself. Price is extremely cheap compared to what you gain & walk away with. I've had MANY claim to help & assist me at 3x her price... Not one has done for me & my journey what Audra has & at a fraction of their cost!!! From bottom of my heart dear Audra... I cannot thank you enough for all that you do & have shared with me. Your unconditional love is not just spoken, it is also felt I am grateful for you!!!

Samantha, Kentucky

I have been on a spiritual awakening journey for some time now. There have always been so many questions. So many moments of what is happening to me, what is this leading to, where can I go with this, how do I use this and build the confidence to take control of the things that are awakening and expanding every day? And then I was blessed to be guided to this wonderfully gifted soul. Audra gave me a a psychic abilities reading, which not only resonated completely with my journey and what I already knew to be true, she also explained to me what other gifts could be expanded and detailed information about how to work with them. So of course I came back for the mentoring session, and the information and wealth of knowledge she shared with me tonight was so enlightening and encouraging! I now have so many tools and practices to help me expand my own gifts, and the confidence that not only will they expand, they will strengthen and I will be able to help so many with them. The amount of guidance and clarity received is invaluable to me, I cannot wait to put everything to use! I will forever be grateful for the mentorship, and look forward to much more. Highly recommend!

Gina, New Jersey

I recently had the most amazing experience working with Audra in her 3 hour session Psychic Mediumship Mentoring!  She is Amazing!! It is truly apparent that she loves teaching and helping others develop their gifts.  It amazed me on how generous she is with her time - absolutely no rushing on her part!  She wants to make sure you understand the tools she gives you and provides step by step instructions on everything!  She is patient with all your questions, in fact she encourages you!  Without a doubt the best mentor I ever had the pleasure to work with.  She is so sweet, full of compassion and brings so much fun into learning.  We had lots of laughs!  Audra, I want to thank you so much for making this an amazing experience.. you exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to work with you again!! 

Melissa, Michigan

I have taken Audra's reiki class. I absolutely loved taking the class, it's packed with so much information, and support from her personally. Audra is kind, caring, and a very loving soul. She will answer your questions and walk you through if you're having trouble. I highly recommend Audra and any of her classes, or very helpful tips. I also would have a reading done by Audra, she's spot on and very knowledgeable of the surroundings and protections that are needed. She is amazing and so supportive. Love you Audra and thank you for sharing your energy. Love and light to you.

Kristina, California

Audra is an amazing [intuitive] mentor! I did a session with her last week and she provided me with tons of valuable guidance and information. I strongly recommend her!

Belinda, Australia

I completely recommend this Reiki course! The information is jammed packed and really easy to read. You have lifelong access to the information provided and the support Audra Loibl gives you is second to none.


Lynn, West Virginia

I had no idea what my abilities were until I had a reading from Audra, and was blown away by all of the detail that she had in her reading. What an eye opener! She told me things that no one knew about me, and added information that made me realize what my gifts were with everything. After the reading I knew where to start because I had no idea beforehand. After this I booked a mentoring session with her and she was so patient with me and all of my questions. She first off, made me feel really comfortable over the phone and took her time explaining things so that I could understand them easily, and stayed on the phone until I was ready to get off. I paid for a 60 minute mentor session, but she stayed on the phone with me for over three hours. She's really nice (her voice was calming which helped my nerves), she's very knowledgeable, and I highly recommend her! If it weren't for Audra, I wouldn't be where I'm at with my development. I now feel confident reading for people and with her guidance, I know I'll do much more. 


Sandra, California

I did a mentoring session with Audra and gained a lot of useful tools for increasing my clairvoyance. Great session, worth the money. Very important to have a mentor when you’re opening the door to other spirits and beings.


Darlene, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much Audra!!! I’m glad that you enjoyed doing this for me! I am so excited about this journey that I have been on and will continue!  At times it is hard to not doubt myself.  It is very helpful and reassuring that my guides are acknowledging what I have been feeling and telling me to keep going forward! The healing was also amazing, I could feel pressure in my third eye.  I could actually see the energy streaming in.  I saw flickers of white light and also very clearly could see blue, yellow and green. Again, thank you so much Audra, I am so blessed to have you do this for me!  You just don’t know what it means to me! Your amazing Audra!  I plan to one day be able to help as many people as I can!  I know that’s what I am here for! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Sending lots of love your way!

Brandi, Canada

Audra has the most amazing gift! I truly feel blessed to have had a reading from her! I have been suffering from the loss of my sister since 2001. The messages Audra gave me from connecting with my sister have literally given me the peace I’ve needed. I am forever grateful and will never forget her words. Audra was able to give me great details of what my sister was showing her to give validation. It was absolutely amazing and brought me to tears!

Crystal, California

Audra Gordon was amazing. She enlightened me and provided me with assurance of all my hopes and was able to channel in 100%. Instead of feeling lost and depressed, I have hope now through these difficult times knowing the future is bright and full of amazing things!!! Thank you so much! 

Rebecca, Arizona

I had an ability reading done with Audra that I received in May. Since then I have been working with oracle cards and tarot cards to give readings fairly regularly on several practice groups via Facebook. I have also had several instances of connection with past on spirits to do mediumship readings, sometimes using the assistance of cards or sometimes just channeling the messages coming through. I've noticed that for me some passed on spirits are easier to connect with than others and more forthright in their messages. I'm enjoying the card reading and it's really uplifting to provide people with guidance to help them move forward in a productive way and get through certain areas that are hindering their progress or mindset.

Sam, Canada

First and foremost I am raising my hat for the dedication with which you are determined to help people connect with their higher selves and bring them comfort. It is very admirable! Also you are a woman of your word and I very much appreciate that you've agreed to help me! I'm am thankful Your reading and insights were absolutely accurate and your words of compassion and love have surely helped boost the confidence I needed to trust my gut feelings! Many thanks and blessings! 

Erin, Austria

I had a reading last night that was exactly what I have been needing to hear. From the most amazing lady! I have the gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience and a few others. Audra informed me the best way to ask for a reading, and the universe guided her back to me for one. I was in search of validation from my guides, and they came through her loud and clear. Everything was spot on down to the littlest of details. What floored me was she mentioned automatic writing. It is a gift I have struggled with for quiet some time, and the most. Something I have never shared with others. There is nothing that you don't pick up on! Thank you for your time, and energy! You truly have a gift. I hope to continue learning from you. Bless you!

Kenisha, North Carolina

I would like to say that I humbly appreciate Audra Gordon. She was spot on as to what she said and completely resonated with me!!! I felt that I could trust her totally with my reading. Audra answered questions that I needed reassurance on, and made me trust my own instincts by her divine confirmation. I appreciate her willingness in being transparent as well as humble. Thank you so much!

Marta, Kentucky

Audra has an amazing talent. She has done a couple of readings for me and has astounding accuracy. Not only has she provided me with answers, she has reached out on a much deeper personal level. I am so happy to be a part of this group, that she works so hard at keeping a safe place for us. Thank you on so many levels, Audra! 

Carolyn, Australia

Hi my name is Carolyn. Recently Audra has read for me and on a number of occasions has helped me to gain clarity. Audra's ability to cut through the grit astounds me. I felt like I needed a sign. I prayed and he answered. Audra confirmed for me what I do believe in myself to be true. Her kindness and amazing gift of sensitivity is what makes her the gifted women she is. Thank you Audra Gordon. You have given me more than healing. Its life changing. Thank you. 

Jennifer, Pennsylvania

Audra Gordon, if may be so bold, you are always giving, I’d like to take the time to honor you!
You are a selfless person who works so very hard, yet makes it look easy. You are a defender, a teacher, a soother, a kind and beautiful soul, who guides us and answers our ‘ just one more’ questions, that help us grow as a person and with our abilities. I’ve never felt so comfortable with a person, ever! So thank you for your beautiful soul and for caring about each and everyone of us! God keep blessing Audra and her family! Much love my friend!!

Natasha, Oklahoma

I would just like to take a moment to give a shout out to Audra Gordon!! Thank you so much for your mentor/abilities reading! There were a few things that you have said that I have already been self learning and noticing which was really cool that you listed them. You gave me a more clearer understanding on what abilities I have and what they mean and how to strengthen them, pretty much giving me a clearer path to my spiritual awakening! So, Thank you so much for your beautiful and wonderful energy and gifts to help with mine! I can’t wait to start with your mentoring sessions and thus being able to almost perfect my abilities and start helping the world!

Deborah B, New York

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you actually did a reading on me and quite lengthy. Very very accurate. I’ve been to many psychics and none very impressive.

Jennifer, Florida

I can't thank you enough for your reading, the way you took your time with me and all of my questions. The truthfulness you gave with reality. You are an amazing woman, and I appreciate your reading and the timely manor. Your patience during the reading was incredible. Thank you so much xoxo  

Amanda, Pennsylvania

I had an amazing and eye opening experience with Audra. She gave me a very detailed reading. She was very helpful and made my heart feel light and hopeful. Thank u for everything. You are truly gifted.

Tracy, California

Just want to thank Audra for doing my reading. She hit right on with my personal struggles that block my abilities. She gave me the tools I needed to work on these so I can become stronger for my higher good. I also want to say that this site is the first site I've come across that really does help people learn about their abilities , I have been looking for answers for years! 

Steph, Ireland

Can i just start by saying Audra was so kind for giving me a reading, for i was feeling pretty low, however can I just say WOW! Everything this lady has said was spot on. She has helped me in more ways then one. I found this site and just felt I had to ask for a reading, and now I understand why. I needed Audra to uplift me like she has and explain things to me that now makes sense. I'm an empath and I'm starting to understand this thanks to Audra. I hope she can uplift you guys just like she has with me. Audra your words were so kind, thank you so much. Lots of love from Ireland big hugs x x x 

Navashee, South Africa

Audra helped me in a big way. For so many years I have felt incomplete, I felt there was something I needed to do with my life but never knew what it was. I went to many other people for answers and all I got was "you have a special gift" which didn't help very much. Audra helped me by giving me a past life reading which helped a lot because my past life is linked to my life now. Audra also helped me uncover my gifts and has provided info on how I can begin my journey because I know nothing. All I know is I feel it inside, and with training and guidance, I will be able to use it. Audra provided me with files to help me get started, and I can't wait to get started. Audra thank you! You have put me on the right path, and today I feel complete because I now know what I can do with my gifts and how to use them. I cannot thank you enough. I highly recommend Audra. Despite her being so busy, she took the time to help me (a lost person) and because of her help I am happy today knowing my purpose. Love and light to you Audra 

Ashleigh, Ontario, Canada

I actually have chills right now because of how bang on the reading is!! Everything you described about my uncle is so true! I am still in aw at how much this resonated and random little things that you brought up that no one could have known, unless I’ve told you how I’m feeling. This also brought me some comfort, you will never understand how much I appreciate your time and energy!! Love and light

Tomas, Brazil

Audra didn't need many words to convince me she is special. I felt such a positive intention on her reading, and it brought a great relief in my being. Is like she knew where I'm at right now, and what I needed to know in order to keep walking my right path. I know we crossed our path for some greater reason and I'm deeply thankful for her disposition and caring words. Audra, you have a great gift, and it is inspiring how you use it to help people. Thank you very much, blessings.

Tracy, Wisconsin

I don't even know where to start. I posted looking for info about my birth dad I've never met who is passed. It sat for about a month with no I was kinda discouraged.. I thought maybe he wouldn't come through since we didn't have a physical connection. So I bumped the post. Audra picked him up. She has filled a void I've carried my entire life. I will forever be grateful to you. You gave me something I never thought I could get. Thank you so very much... so so much.

Jonathan, Virginia 

Audra gave me AMAZING and PHENOMENAL information on my past lives! Information I always subconsciously knew! Wonderful gifted psychic!

Taylor, Tennessee

That was literally the best reading in the world! I'm literally in tears. Thank you so much! It's crazy some of the things you've said made complete sense! 

Stephen, North Carolina

Absolutely spot on in every aspect of the read! I couldn't be happier! Extremely gifted and wonderful lady! Thanks again for your time energy and patience! x

Claire, England

Audra has a very special gift and was amazing, her insight is very tuned and she read who I was very accurately. Thank you Audra for your time and insight into reading me. x Blessings to you.

Colleen, Canada 

Audra was able to provide me guidance and was spot on with what she said. It gave me the confidence on certain situation. It truly is amazing what you do and you have a wonderful gift. Thanks again Audra Gordon. Many blessings love n light.

Peggy, Missouri

Thank you, Audra Gordon You put are hearts at ease. You have done so much for me and my family and we appreciate it all more than you'll ever know. You're always right on point with what you do. Thank you for just being you, sweets. Much love.

Tracy, Wisconsin

As always you are spot on. I appreciate your kindness and all you do. Thank you again!

Jessica, Texas

Very accurate on a reading about my past life/ future. Everything you said resonates with me! Thank you so much!

Geralyn, New York

Audra Gordon you are an amazing person and teacher.. you helped me to begin this journey of understanding what was the "unknown". I appreciate all your diligent work to keep this group so successful, thank you so much!

Theresa, California

Had an amazing past life reading from Audra. She is so awesome. Gave me chicken skin. So many interesting things she said, so intriguing. So many thing make sense. She is truly amazing. Thanks again. Love and light.

Michelle, Tennessee

Audra did a reading for me which was spot on and inspired me to accept and recognize something important about myself. I really appreciate her. She seems to be such a kind and loving soul as she gives of herself and her gifts to teach us all, I have felt a definite connection with her from the get go. And in light of my reading i must say "WOO-WOO IS WHERE IT'S AT .... FOR ME!!"

Efthimia  Australia

Audra was very thorough. I had always read her readings on other people's posts and always waited for my own until today. She mentioned in detail that I should delve into creating my own natural products, it's something that I'm naturally drawn to and would love to do. She mentioned many other things that resonated with my husband and I. She's wonderful xxx

Caity, New South Wales

Audra is AMAZING! She straight away picked up that I started and want to eventually finish my nursing study, and completely blew me away with everything she could pick up just by a picture of me. Hopefully that baby girl comes one day soon! Thank you so much!

Navashee, South Africa

Audra is an angel. I am new to my gifts and whenever I need help she helps me, no matter how silly my question is. Audra gives me clarity and understanding, I wouldn't be where I am with my gifts if it wasn't for Audra, imagine having a gift to help spirits and your main fear is spirit. Audra is helping me over come my fear with her kind words and motivation. Because of Audra , I am becoming a new me, a happier new me, and I know whenever I need help Audra is there. Being to new to something you have no idea about is very scary, especially if you don't know were to start or what to do. I was privileged enough to have had Audra and I'm so grateful, because of Audra I have communicated with two of my spirit guides and I even read a pic for spirits on another group. Audra also does practice with us on the group to help us build our gifts. Audra you are amazing and nothing I can ever say can express my gratitude for ur help, You're readings, bearing with all my questions... you're a star, thank you. 

Zaynah, Pakistan

Audra is an amazing person she literally lighted a candle of hope within me I am so happy to get a reading from her reading cleared out my major doubts Thank u so much Audra, God bless you.

Jennifer, Canada

Thank you Audra Gordon. i was given a very thorough reading. Audra picked up on my situation immediately. She was very helpful and gave me great advice. I have hope for a better future. She is a very kind soul and I appreciate the time she put into my reading.

Lola, England

Thank you so much to Audra for my reading was very spot on n picked up on a lot of things you've really opened my eyes to a lot of things I feel you gave up an awful lot of your time up for me thanks again wonderful n very gifted lady xxx

Sandra, Tennessee

Audra is amazing! She went above and beyond in helping me. Told me much more than I had expected to find out. Thank you again for your help last night Audra!

Britney, Missouri

I found you just when we needed to. Thank you so much for everything. You’re simply amazing at what you do. I can’t explain how thankful I am Audra Gordon.

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