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Here's What You Need To Do


Pendulum dowsing is a great way to get answers and guidance from your Higher Self or your Spirit Guides because the answers coming in will be specific.  Having a pendulum handy when you're doing readings to help you with the harder questions will be super helpful.  You can get specific yes/no answers, percentages, months, numbers, or any answer as long as your questions offer specific options. For example, you can ask "Will this happen in the Fall or the Winter?", or "Does she have a boy or a girl?", or "Will she be working next year or going to school?". So utilize the pendulum for all that it has to offer to broaden your query.

So before we get into the nitty-gritty, there's more to pendulum dowsing than simply whipping out a pendulum and letting it swing. There are a lot of people that have told me that they don’t bother with dowsing because they get contradictory or inconsistent answers all the time. That's usually because they didn’t program their pendulum or use it enough, so below will help with that.

Here's How To Get Accurate Answers


Choose a Pendulum that Speaks to You

If you haven’t already chosen a pendulum yet, you'll want to make sure that you get one that appeals to you aesthetically and swings for you when you hold it out.  Most importantly, get one that you feel drawn to or have a strong pull towards. Sometimes when I walk by a pendulum it will start to swing on its own which is a sign that I need to pay attention to it. Some I'm automatically in love with because they're so beautiful that I can't resist bringing it home with me, and others I feel a super strong pull towards, like "I've got to have it". Whichever way your "goodness" radar lets you know "that's the one", go for it. You may even find yourself buying more than one! And while there is something special about every pendulum, keep in mind that each crystal holds a property that will help elevate consciousness, connect you to your higher self, your Spirit Guides, and the angels, provides healing, love, grounding, and even aid in opening your mind's eye, etc., so explore the properties and see which one fits your needs. If you're buying a pendulum online, you can place your hand over the photo that appears on your screen and see if you feel a pull that way. You'll know instantly if that's the one. Have fun and enjoy the process! To purchase a new pendulum, or pendulum necklace, click HERE.


Cleanse Your Pendulum

Once you've found your pendulum, you'll need to clear it.  By doing this, you'll be removing unwanted energetic residues which is still in the pendulum.  All objects absorb energy from their environment and chances are you don't know where your pendulum was made, where it's been, or who's handled it. If you purchase a pendulum from me, they will all come cleansed and charged with Reiki healing energy so when you receive them, they'll be ready to go. To purchase a Selenite Plate click HERE.

To cleanse your pendulum, please follow the instruction on my Crystal Care page of my website.


Program Your Pendulum

Next, you'll need to attune your pendulum to your Higher Self.  This ensures that the answers that come through your pendulum come from your Higher Self and not your subconscious mind or emotional body.  We want answers to come from your Higher Self because it sees much further than your subconscious mind or emotional body. Alternatively, you can ask your Spirit Guides to provide answers through your pendulum. 

Do the following:

1. Take three deep breaths, clear your mind, and place yourself in a room where you're free from distractions. 

2. Then call on an Archangel or an Ascended Master, and ask them to be present, then say the following:

I ask that this pendulum relay answers from my Higher Self or my Spirit Guides at all times, unless I request otherwise.  I also ask that all information be in truth and accuracy and 100% aligned with my highest good and the highest good of all.

3. Now hold your pendulum out.  Just relax your hand and ask the pendulum, “Show me a yes” and just allow the pendulum to swing.  It may swing forwards and backwards or side to side.  It may go in a clockwise circle or in a counter-clockwise circle.  When you see what your pendulum does this in response to a ‘yes’, write it down and say “Thank you” out loud.

Next ask the pendulum, “Show me a no”. Watch what the pendulum does in response.  It will move in a different way compared to when you asked for a ‘yes’.  When you write down what it does, say “Thank you” out loud again.

Now ask the pendulum, “Show me a ‘maybe’/’undecided” and watch what the pendulum does in response. Once you have your ‘maybe’, say “Thank you”. Even though this is an option worth exploring, I often don't use the maybe swing because I personally like to provide a definitive answer, but by doing this, you'll know that there are variable options that lie ahead of them that need to play out before a definitive answer can be provided. There's more work to be done on their part and it depends on how they're going to react to decisions coming up before a path will be laid out for them.

4. The last thing that you need to do is ask three questions that you already know the answers to, and I recommend doing this the first several times that you use your new pendulum. You can make the questions simple like, "Is my middle name Anne?", "Did I have a salad last night for dinner?", "Do I drive a silver car?". You'll want to make sure that your pendulum answers three consecutive questions accurately before using it on someone.


Bond With Your Pendulum

I also recommend that you keep your pendulum with you as often as possible so that it can absorb your energy and you can bond with it. Sounds crazy, I know, but I truly feel that it helps to bring more clarity with your answers. So, if you can wear it on a chain as a pendant, keep it in your pocket or under your pillow, it's going to help. Also, don't forget to cleanse and charge your pendulum regularly. A few times a week if you use it a lot. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to have it sit on or touch a piece of selenite. There are other ways to do this that I have on my Crystal Care page as well, but selenite is my fave. 

To purchase a new pendulum, or pendulum necklace, click HERE​.

Now your pendulum is ready to use! Have fun!

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