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Through the years, I kept studying and researching psychics and mediums and was glued to the TV whenever anything paranormal came on. I rented every book I could find in the library and started a collection of books at home when they came out in the book stores. Because this subject wasn't as accepted when I was younger as it is today, I kept pretty quiet about my life-long abilities and didn't really come out in the open until 2012. I started reading people and spirits full time and did pretty good considering that I hadn't done it for several years after becoming a mom and was super busy with my time. Once I got the hang of doing this again, I started helping people in my spare time. This is my passion, and where I feel I'm meant to be. Now I read for clients all over the world, and love every minute of it! Many people ask me how I can read for someone when they are not sitting in the same room with me. I receive my information from my spirit guides and loved ones in spirit, so time and distance don't impact my ability to read energy, or affect the accuracy of the reading, as everything is energy, including you and I, and all energy can be read. Please feel free to take a peek at my Testimonial page for references if you'd like.

As  I  Got   Older

From a very young age, I have been able to see, hear and feel spirits. I come from a long line of psychic mediums and empaths on the maternal side of my family and grew up sharing my gifts with my identical twin sister, which I feel, fueled our gifts to a much higher vibration. In my early childhood years, I had flashes and premonitions about who was visiting or calling on the phone and often knew things before they happened, such as conversations, new people coming into my life, and events. I knew what people were like or what they were thinking before I met them. Visions would come to me while I was awake and would appear as quick images, or small video clips. My twin sister and I both have ESP (having instant access to information without using the clair’s or spirit guides) and would use mental telepathy as normal means of communication between us. By the second grade, I learned how to do telekinesis (the ability to move objects with my mind) and perform remote viewing (having the ability to see people, events, and objects that are thousands of miles away). As I got older, I realized that I had the ability to energetically heal people on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, and learned as much as I could when it came to working with the Archangels and energy healing, Reiki, and color therapy, which I practice to this day. A privilege that I have, that is a true gift from God, is having access to the Akashic Records, the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angles, your Spirit Guides, all higher beings of the highest good, and have the ability to know past, present and future events, including your past lifetimes. It took quite some time before I realized that I was different from most people and that not everyone was gifted in this way (as I had always thought) because this was such a normal way of life for me.

How  It   Started  For   Me


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My  Life  Now

I'm always learning, researching, and growing as a medium to be the best that I can be so that I can provide details to each reading with verifiable evidence of spirit's existence and bring life to their voice again with healing messages. I don't think that my yearning to always improve will ever really end, because I love what I do and above all, I love helping those in need. My goal is to reach as many people that I can through group sessions, platform, and stage work, live readings, and individual sessions so that everyone can receive messages from their loved ones in spirit, as there is no greater gift in my eyes than knowing that we're always being watched over by them. Receiving personal guidance is also often a part of the readings that I provide, as well as insight into many matters at hand. My approach is very down-to-earth, comforting, personable, and genuine. I've met a lot of amazing and wonderful people along this journey, and I hope one day to meet you as well. 

Thanks for visiting! Many blessings! 

Audra Gordon

International Psychic Medium

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I'm nothing without my morning coffee and meditation. It jumpstarts all the good vibes.

I love taking long trips. I'd love to sell my home and drive an RV across the country for a few years and work on the road.

I could spend every day at the beach. Whether working, playing, or relaxing. It's my happy place.

Things I do every day; light a candle, listen to music, laugh often, and look at the ocean from my window.