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Know what your abilities are so that you can use them on the daily.

We all have the ability to communicate and receive messages from loved ones in spirit by expanding on the basic senses we already have, but when we tune into spirits (as opposed to people), we're reaching and using them in a different capacity to tune into different frequencies and vibrations. It's like tuning into different channels. The higher the frequency, the more we have to reach, which is why it's necessary to continue to elevate our own vibrations.

By learning about the clair's (listed below), you'll understand the different ways you can receive messages. You'll find one or two that will work better for you than the others. For example, empaths are typically pretty strong with clairsentience and claircognizance which lays out the foundation for the other clair's to come in, because intuitively you know that you have abilities, and that this is just the surface of what you're able do. Below are the different ways we receive communication from spirit through impressions. You might already be familiar with some of these.


Close your eyes, and picture a meadow. What do you see? You're seeing this in your mind's eye. Sometimes we call this our imagination. It's what we see when spirit wants to show us something, and looks very similar to when we remember something. It's often shown when spirit wants us to see a person, place, or object that makes sense to the person receiving the messages. Often times we have to rely on our imagination to see it, but it's really your clairvoyance that is showing you the impression coming from spirit or your guides, and not you. You'll receive clairvoyant impressions in three different ways; images, symbols, or video clips.

If spirit sends you a sound, song, music, whistle, or something else, it's a knowing and comes in as a thought. By paying attention to what you hear inside your head (your inner hearing), you'll understand what clairaudience sounds like. You may hear spirit through your own voice in your mind, which can be a bit confusing because you'll start to second guess if it came from you or spirit. The best way to tell the difference is that if you weren't just thinking of the impression at the time it came in, or just prior to hearing the words or thought, it came from spirit.

This clair has to do with feelings and is the strongest clair that empaths have. It's like their internal radar when it comes to knowing what is going on with someone else's emotions. Most people don't know what to do with these feelings because they can be unpredictable and make no sense at times. When spirit wants us to feel emotions, we need to detach and not get caught up in the emotion that is being sent to us. It's important to feel it and move through it because it's only there as an impression of the emotion and letting us know that spirit is there. These emotions only serve as validation and can be overwhelming at times. Know that it's temporary, and it will pass. Remember that you are always in control. If the emotion is too strong, you can tell spirit you got it and that they can let it go now. If you're an empath, remember to observe, not absorb. Once you feel the emotions of another person, let it go and move on.

Things you might feel:

An impression of physical pain. This can be overwhelming because it can come out of nowhere and take you off guard if you are not in control and paying attention:
--- Often spirit will let you know they had a head injury by having you feel a sharp pain in the head.
--- Sometimes you'll feel a sharp pain in your chest. This could mean they had a possible heart attack or chest problems.
--- You may feel pain in your feet if they had foot problems.
Sometimes feelings of love or sadness are so overwhelming that you become full of emotion and want to cry.
You may get the sensation of tickling on your upper lip, letting you know they had a mustache.
You might feel like you're being touched or poked in an area of the body that they want to bring to your attention that had relevance to their life or passing.

As soon as these feelings come, recognize them and then give the message. Know that they will pass. It's also important to remember that they're not your feelings, they're impressions to pass on messages as validations that they're presently there. Don't get hung up on the pain or the emotion that is being given to you. Let them come and let them go. If it's ever too much, you can always tell them to stop or ease up, and they will. Often, we call this empathy, having the ability to be able to feel what other people are feeling. Spirit works the same way. It's the ability to feel what spirit needs us to feel to pass on the message from them to you.


This is the ability when you ‘just know’ information and the knowledge often comes to you spontaneously, but you know in your soul it's 100% accurate. Sometimes this information can come in the form of facts and figures, other times, it comes in the way of simply knowing the truth of a situation. This is also known as ESP (Extrasensory Perception), when you're able to bring in information without using any of the other clair's. You'll know when you're using this ability when you instantly know something. You don't know how you know it, but you know it.

CLAIRALIENCE (Clear Smelling)
An example of this is smelling odors that are not there. For so many, smells are easy for us to pick up on because we're so often tuned in, unknowingly, to the smells around us. When something stands out, we really notice it. Maybe you have smelled tobacco, perfume, flowers, chocolate, or some other scent that relates to the person who has crossed over. I'll never forget a time soon after my mother-in-law passed, I walked into her home and smelled her scent very strongly just as I entered. As other family members walked in, they smelled it as well. It was great validation that she was there with us.

This is when spirit wants you to taste a validation or message from them because a person who will understand it is there. The flavor depends on what spirit wants to get across to you. For example, you might get the impression you're tasting tobacco; maybe that person smoked or liked the taste of tobacco. You might think you're tasting something sweet such as chocolate. This is spirit telling you the person can have chocolate, or maybe they never liked it and they are telling you that instead. If spirit wants to get across to you something salty, you may sense the taste of salt in your mouth. Did they live at the ocean? This could be telling you they could not eat salt before (maybe for health reasons) or really loved salty food while they were here physically.


Remember, spirit is always there for us to connect with, and we all have the ability to receive their messages. You might connect with them using one of the clair's above, or two or three. Try to be open to all of them as you practice, as spirit doesn't limit their communication to just one of them.

Here's how you can work on opening yourself up to the different ways of receiving messages. There is no right or wrong way to do this:

Focus on a loved one who has crossed over and ask them to come over to you so that you can communicate with them.
Focus in your mind's eye, a blank screen where they can place their impressions for you to see.
Pick a clair to use. Try all of them separately if you have time, using them one by one, but be open to how they send you information.
Wait to see what impressions you hear, see or feel. They'll come in pretty subtle, so be sure to be in a quiet room free from distractions.

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For more in-depth information about your abilities and what you're capable of doing with them, or if you'd like to know the areas that you're strongest in, and what you're Spirit Guides are encouraging you to learn, please let me know so that I can guide you. You have the ability to take things so much further. All you need is help figuring out how to develop your abilities with proven techniques that will allow you to connect with those in spirit and people around you with full command and clarity.  I can teach you how to do this.  How cool would it be to help and heal others when you wanted to?

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