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The Angelic Force of The Powers And The Carrions

by Sylvia Browne

Some may remember that in my book, Life On The Other Side, I wrote about eight phyla of angels. I did not mention The Powers & The Carrions. But recently, my Spirit Guide Francine gave me information during trance sessions about two additional phyla. The Powers and The Carrions are very important angels you will want to know about.

What are The Powers? The Powers are the fifth phylum of angel and their primary function is healing. They use their wings to create a healing cocoon around the person who is in need of healing. While the Archangels use the scepter of healing, The Powers simply use their own energy to heal. If you call upon The Powers, they can easily shelter you with their wings, but it is the healing electrical force that comes from them that enters our bodies and heals us cell by cell.

The Powers are large angels – some of them quite enormous. Their totem is the falcon, known for being swift and having perseverance. Their element is the moon which represents the motherly or female aspect. The Powers’ stone is the emerald, which is the healing color of green. The Powers’ wing tips are a greenish white and they have electric blue flames that rise from them.

The Carrions are the sixth phyla of the angels. These angels carry away dark entities when they die. Because of The Carrions, dark entities do not exist on earth after they have died. The Carrions have only this one mission and it is very important: no one else touches the dark entities.

The Carrions exist as protection for entities both here and on The Other Side. Their totem is the raven. Their element is the wind; this represents the type of task they carry out. Their stone is the opal.

We can call lots of other types of angels to come to our aid, but The Carrions are not for us. The Carrions exist for another purpose. So you typically do not call on The Carrions for help. This is because we are considered white entities and they only come for dark entities.

There is one circumstance in which a white entity will call on a Carrion for help. At this time, a Carrion can help protect us by surrounding the dark entity and keeping it away from us. Please understand that if you call a Carrion it would not come to you, it would respond to the dark entity that had been somehow attracted to you.

These are very powerful angels that are happy to help you if you are in need. Call upon

The Powers or The Carrions if the circumstance warrants.

P.S. Many angels exist simply to protect and love you. You can learn about these angels in my, Book of Angels. Discover how these angels can help you through life.

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