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Can We Reincarnate In Different Worlds?

CAN WE REINCARNATE IN DIFFERENT WORLDS? This is a question that I get asked a lot. The answer is YES. For those of you who feel like you're not from here, or belong in a different world, this may be your fist time on Earth.

Not all of or lives are lived on Earth, nor is this your first or last life lived here. Living on Earth compared to other places is probably one of the hardest to go through, the most material, and far from perfect. You can choose to reincarnate on Earth as many times as you'd like, or you can choose to do this in another world. It depends on how evolved your soul is. The more growth your soul has experienced and evolved, the greater chance you can reincarnate into more advanced worlds. If you choose to reincarnate to a different world before this happens, you'll do so on a world very similar to Earth, as there are many worlds equivalent to Earth, but having said that, it's important that we learn from our life lessons and experiences that we go through here, so that we can continue elevating and ascending.

Can we go back and forth between worlds with each life? Absolutely! All worlds are united and help us learn and grow through life experiences. What you didn't accomplish on one, you can accomplish on another. What's really interesting, is that in each world, there are varying degrees of people who are more or less advanced than the others, much like here, so the setup is very similar to Earth. The more advanced the soul, the more life lessons learned. This is when you feel someone is an old soul. As you move from one world to the other, you take with you personal growth and intellect that you've previously learned, and build on that to keep advancing forward. These imprints are embedded on your soul and intuitively felt in each new life.

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