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Music helps you keep the channel open longer, providing for a deeper connection.

Did you know that music can help you get into the headspace needed to do your readings? It also helps you to keep the channel open longer, providing for a deeper connection. If we have a lot of things going on around us, it can be difficult to get into the mood or to clear our minds of the noise, so music can help us get there fairly quickly. The music that I listen to are two melodies that keep me in the headspace that helps me stay in a trance-like state, a meditative state to connect to higher consciousness. I do most of my readings on my computer from my desk so its easy for me to use YouTube. I'll loop the music so they continually play until I'm finished with my readings. I love these two melodies below because they have a little pep to them to raise my vibration, but is also relaxing to help me tune everything out and clear my mind. Take a listen and see what you think. This idea might inspire other melodies that you'll find over time that you can use. Silk Music is great to listen to for easy listening too.

ElDera - Allure [Silk Music]

Sundriver - Orion (Intro Mix) [Silk Music]

People will also ask me what my favorite mediation is. My #1 go-to for meditations is called Sitting In The Power. It's an amazing activation meditation. Below is a link explaining why I love the meditation so much, and towards the bottom of that page is a link to the meditation.

Sitting In The Power Meditation

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