Know What Your Abilities Are So That You Can Use Them On The Daily

We all have the ability to communicate and receive messages from loved ones in spirit by expanding on the basic senses we already have, but when we tune into spirits (as opposed to people), we're reaching and using them in a different capacity to tune into different frequencies and vibrations. It's like tuning into different channels. The higher the frequency, the more we have to reach, which is why it's necessary to continue to elevate our own vibrations.

By learning about the clair's (listed below), you'll understand the different ways you can receive messages. You'll find one or two that will work better for you than the others. For example, empaths are typically pretty strong with clairsentience and claircognizance which lays out the foundation for the other clair's to come in, because intuitively you know that you have abilities, and that this is just the surface of what you're able do. Below are the different ways we receive communication from spirit through impressions. You might already be familiar with some of these.