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Be Kind To Unkind People

Be Kind To Unkind People, Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach and Mentor,

Yesterday I received a comment on my post from someone asking me, and I quote,

“Why do you feel the need to show your face in this group?”

At first, I was genuinely confused.

I stared at this comment for a bit and then I realized that I understood exactly where this person was coming from.

For some reason, speaking my truth & sharing my photo had triggered this woman.

I get it.

I mean I really truly get it.

I was this woman at one point in my life.

I remember when I was immensely hateful towards anyone who smiled.

I remember when I wanted to curl up in a ball & die when I heard someone laugh.

I remember when I would avoid “happy people” in general because I didn’t know how to get out of my own misery.

I remember being so deeply depressed that seeing anything that even resembled happiness ate away at me.

I didn’t understand how everyone else seemed to be so happy, but I was so completely broken inside.

I immediately felt so much compassion towards this women, so instead of taking her words to heart, I simply wished her love & light and went on with my day.

Everyone, everywhere is fighting an internal battle, trying to navigate their way through this human existence & sometimes, by shining your bright light, it may trigger another, and that’s okay.


It’s their battle.

Continue to shine your light anyway.

WRITTEN BY: Jennifer Carron

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