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CELTIC CROSS Protective Shield

Centic Cross Protetive Shield Audra Loibl Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach and Mentor

When in Physical, Psychological or Psychic Danger

This pattern provides a protective shield when in physical, psychological, or psychic danger. The Celtic Cross consists of five energy balls: one large, central ball surrounded by four satellites. When you stand in the center and energetically connect the satellites in the Celtic Cross pattern, an impenetrable wall of safety is created. Any ill-intentioned energy sent toward a person or place protected by the Celtic Cross is blessed and reflected back to the sender as love. This formation magnifies your energy field, expanding your personal space and creating power and strength. It helps to activate your survival instincts while calling on higher powers to assist your safety. Although not an aggressive pattern, it is fully protective. It can also act as a filter, allowing higher energy to come in while shielding your from thought forms projections, and hooks.

☘️ BENEFITS ☘️ • Creates an energetic shield around yourself, people, objects, and places. • Helps to focus and solidify your attention. • Gathers all your resources necessary for strength and action. • Facilitates the highest and best outcome for all involved parties. • Allows you to rest when under extended external pressure. • Filters harmful energy from the matrix of energy you receive.

☘️ USE TO ☘️ • Protect from psychic attack or extreme situations. • Maintain boundaries and facilitate peaceful resolution during conflict. • Assist a safe outcome when in physical danger. • Help protect and shield loved ones. • Protect property. • Activate filtered protection when in group situations. • Filter energy during telepathic of psychic explorations. • Act as a vehicle for out of body explorations.


💪 Align a bright protective white light along the outer edge of your aura.

💪 Imagine a light and bright pillar that is aligned along the outer edge of your aura. Imagine four spheres/balls of light circling several feet beyond your aura; one in front of you, one behind, and one to either side of you. They are connected around you through a horizontal tube of light circling your torso.

💪 Visualize a tube of energy flowing from the sphere in front, over your head and through the one behind you, then flowing under your feet and returning to the ball in front. Keep the energy flowing along this circular tube.

💪 Connect the balls on either side in the same way. Imagine a tube of energy flowing from the sphere on your left, over the top of your head through the one on your right, under your feet, and back to the ball on the left. Keep the energy flowing along this route.

💪 Maintain continuous energy flow in the two circuits.

💪 Spin the circuits, creating a gyroscopic field that repels and/or filters approaching energy.

☘️ VARIATIONS ☘️ • Use color to magnify the effect; metallic silver or gold are the strongest colors. • You can also make this pattern around your house, family, individuals, animals, personal property, or objects that need extra protection.

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