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Purification Meditation to Cleanse your Soul of Old Pain and Trauma

A Meditation to cleanse your sould of old pain and trauma, personal space and promotes self love. Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach and Mentor

The Purification meditation is amazing because it cleanses your soul of old pain and trauma, cleanses personal space and promotes self love.

True spiritual growth requires that we own both our light and the shadow it casts. Our thoughts and emotions generate energy forms that fill the aura and atmosphere of the Earth, move along the surface of the planet via rivers and oceans, and travel beneath the surface of the planet on ley lines. Heart-centered thoughts and emotions create connection and advancement. They stabilize the planet and promote harmonics of spiritual growth. Destructive thoughts and emotions create energetic pollution, poisoning the planet energetically just as our industrial pollution poisons the air, water, and soil we depend on to live. This activation cleanses and purifies destructive emotional manifestations which are transformed and broadcast as unconditional love. It is our opportunity to call home our shadow and embrace it, merging the shadow with light, becoming whole.

🌸 BENEFITS • Establishes inner congruence (harmony). • Promotes self-acceptance, self-love, inner peace, and forgiveness. • Promotes healing by removing obstacles to health. • Transmutes karma. • Cleanses your soul of old pain, trauma, anger, and destructive patterns. • Creates spiritual uplifting and freedom. • Cleanses and clears the Earth. • Harmonizes the Earth’s aura and stabilizes Earth energy.

🌸 USE TO • Generate love, peace, light, forgiveness, and grace. • Cleanse personal space, houses, offices and so on, especially after conflict. • Clear battle grounds, murder sites, sites of traumatic events. • Take responsibility for your choices and actions. • Make an intention of peace on the planet. • Clear energetic pollution.


1) Sit with straight back in cross-legged position or on a chair, feet flat on the ground.

2) Breathe and establish your intention to cleanse the bodymind and reclaim the shadow self.

3) Extend your awareness above your head and see that you have higher level energy centers in your aura. These are chakras that are aligned with your higher dimensional self and linked to multidimensional planes. Their function is to tune into spiritual reality.

4) Imagine a four-sided pyramid with the apex above your head at the level of one of the higher energy centers.

5) The base of the pyramid sits on the Earth and the pyramid may be all one color or multicolored.

6) Activate the pyramid by focusing on the apex while holding the intention to take responsibility for all of your emotions, thoughts, and actions.

7) Allow the outline of the pyramid to light up with energy. See a vortex forming along your Hara line, drawing energy up through your chakras and forming a spiral within the pyramid. The spiral may look like a violet flame.

8) The base of the pyramid is connected to lines of energy coming into it from the matrix of the planet. As the pyramid activates, past, destructive energies are drawn in along these lines for the clearing. You may see dark vapors being pulled into the base and fed into the violet flame. As your thoughts and emotions are transmuted into light, embrace your shadow, that small hurt part of self, and welcome yourself home.

9) Accept yourself. Allow all the cells of your body to be bathed in love and joy.

10) Feel rips and tears in your light body mend as you expand.

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