Reactivating Your Chakra's

Experiencing a block? It's time to reactivate your chakra's. Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach

You’ll want to do this meditation when you feel mentally or emotionally weak or blocked, or any time you want to strengthen your channel. But before you get started, it’s best to have cleared and balanced your chakras first. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to focus on your channel. Now, if your chakras are the bright flowers or energy centers of your bodies’ spiritual anatomy, then your Channel is like the stem or trunk where the seven main chakras grow from. I sometimes like to refer to the channel as your antenna because it’s really the instrument that you’ll activate and use when you receive all of your divine guidance from, whether it comes in words, sounds, pictures, or as feelings.

Your channel is already active to a certain degree, because just like the chakras, your channel plays a huge role in the distribution of the life force energies in and around your body. In a sense, the channel is the major nadi, which is equivalent to the largest artery It is also known as the sushumna, but the word channel is more understood, so that’s what we’ll call it in the group.