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10 Minute Meditation Confronting & Ridding Your Fears To Live a Free Life

When our thoughts are consumed by fear, we create a powerful energy force, and end up attracting the very thing we're fearing. When you confront the thought head on, you can release the fear behind it. By recognizing your fear, you stop giving it power over you. Sounds great to me!


When you're in meditation, ask yourself "Why am I afraid?" If you don't get an answer right away, ask again. Ask for a specific reason. Then ask your fear, "What do you want from me?" Wait for the answer. You may not what to hear it, but you need to. Next, picture yourself sitting in a box with your fear. You can't escape the box because fear is keeping you locked inside, so try to look outside the box and notice how different it is out there, such as freedom and peace. You reach into your pocket and find a key that will unlock the box. What does the key represent? Is it a change in a belief about yourself or someone else? If so, what would the new thought or belief be? Does it represent a change in your living situation? Do you have to say good-bye to someone who causes you turmoil?

Use your key to open the box, step outside and feel the freedom. By confronting your fear, you've taken your power back. The situation and/or person no longer has a hold on you anymore. The fear is left inside the box, so now you can walk away from it and feel how wonderful it is to be free of the burden. You've now changed for the positive and are ready to enjoy all that life has to offer.

10 Minute Meditation To Get Rid of Fear - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

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