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Releasing Negativity

HAVE YOU GUYS EVER HEARD OF RELEASING NEGATIVITY BALLOONS? 🤹🎈🤹 Here are 3 different ways that you can release negativity, with two environmentally friendly alternatives. 🌸

The simpler you can make the process of releasing negative energy from your life, the better results that you'll have in your life, and in your development. The next time you're having a problem that is bogging you down, buy a helium balloon that reflects your problem. If it's a big problem, buy a big balloon; if it's a small problem, get a small one. Remove any ribbons or other ties, then use a marker to write your problem on the surface. Don't include any personal information (your name, address, etc.) that may be found by someone later if the balloon pops. Get your problem out of your system and onto the balloon. Watch it drift away, taking the problem's negativity away from you. Feel your own soul energy rise as high as the balloon rises into the sky.

A greener alternative is to blow up your own balloon (without helium), write your problem on it, and then drop it from a high place. As the balloon drifts in the breezes, imagine it pulling all of your negative energy away form you. When it hits the ground, the negativity is absorbed into the ground. If you can see your balloon hit the ground, be sure to retrieve it and throw it away.

You can also write your problems down on a piece of paper, and burn them in a safe place, like a BBQ pit, and as you see the smoke rise, so does all of your problems. 💝🌸☘️

Releasing Negative Energy or Thoughts Meditation/Exercise - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

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