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Making Full Moon Water

💦🌟🌙🌟💦 MAKING FULL MOON WATER - Don't forget to set your crystals out tonight too! 💦🌟🌙🌟💦

It’s the Full Moon… Let’s make some moonlight water! When the moon is full in the sky (as it will be tonight), it is the perfect time to set your crystals out under the moonlight to cleanse and recharge them!

If you haven’t ever tried this, it really is one of the most powerful ways to charge up crystals, and if you’re like me you will be able to visibly notice a difference (they’re so much shinier after their moon bath)…

The Full Moon is also the perfect opportunity to make some moonlight water to drink so you can cleanse and charge yourself up too!


Place your bottle of water outside and as the water sits under the light of the Full Moon it becomes activated as the water soaks up the energy of nature along with the light and magic of the Full Moon.

Then, tomorrow morning (or the morning after the Full Moon if you read this a bit after I post it) go outside to gather up your crystals and bring in your Moonlight water. It feels and tastes amazing, very pure, and to me different to from normal water. It's like water awakened, and it's cleansing, spiritually recharging, energizing… And really quite magical!

If you make more than one bottle of Full Moon water, you can use it to water your plants, add a little to your baths, or use it to make an essential oil spray, or make tea with it. I’ll go out on a limb and say that with the right intention, making and drinking moonlight water can boost your psychic and spiritual abilities, promote healing, and even increase your creativity. After all it’s water, and so it’s impressionable, so placing your intention is key.

When you set out your water out to sit under the moonlight, place an intention for what you want to create, release, or tune into. Imagine the water absorbing the light and power of nature, of the Divine and of the moon and when you drink it, and enjoy! Many blessings! 💦 ✨🌔🌕🌖🌙🌟

How To Make Full Moon Water - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

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