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11:11 - Synchronicity is the Universe's Way of Saying "YES"

The universe is always speaking to us through synchronicities that remind us to stop, look around and be present. The more aware we are of these messages coming to us, the more that we can benefit from them in our daily lives.

Synchronicity is when several unrelated events lead up to a specific outcome that has meaning to you. Coincidence, if you believe in that, is when something happens by chance and without any purpose or expectation. Synchronicities are often messages in disguise. They're experiences created by your higher self or your guides that will bring you greater awareness. Synchronicity is when unrelated events happen at the same time and these events speak to you on a soul level or reveal something that has profound meaning to you. They often feel like they are divinely guided in order to bring you to a place of awareness and understanding that you may not have achieved, had the sequence of events not happened in the way that they did.

Synchronicities let us know that we are on the right path by allowing us to learn something that will advance our spiritual growth. There isn't any way to explain why the events happened the way they occurred. Synchronicities have a positive effect in your life, because they influence and expand your thinking. They can bring about what you need - people whom you should be in contact with or awareness that wasn't within you before the event.

Synchronicity is the Universe's Way of Saying "YES" 11:11 - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

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