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Increase your vibrational frequency with wind.

Here’s something that we don’t often think about – WIND. Have you ever considered the frequency of wind before? It can get crazy wild and even dangerous, but it’s also gentle as it blows across your skin with little tendrils (I love that word) of feeling as you stand outside and just ‘be’. The feel of the wind across your face and the way it swirls around your body, moving your hair and your clothes can be a powerful accelerator in increasing your energy. Pretty cool, right?

The next time you’re outside, pay attention to the wind. Is it a slight breeze, or is it intense? When you’re aware of the wind, stop what you’re doing and just feel it. Notice how it moves over your skin, how its energy affects your body and your own energy. For me, it’s very calming. As the wind picks up, can you feel your energy rising with it? Let yourself go into a trance state and become one with the force of the wind. Let it move against you, flow around you, and notice how you feels. Even if it’s a strong wind, allow yourself to feel calm and know that its power will have a positive effect on your core spiritual self. Think of the power of the wind. If the wind is stronger, does that mean its energy is higher? Not necessarily. The strength of the wind can affect you and cause you to feel the connection with its energy.

Let’s say that you’re standing outside and you feel a gentle breeze across your face. You’ve had a hectic day at work, and you’re tired or stressed. Focus on it, and allow it to bring you back to center. Now imagine that your frequency is connecting to the frequency of the wind. As it absorbs the energy of the wind, feel your energy increase. Even a stronger wind can accomplish the same goal. You have to feel the connection to the wind in order to allow your own energy to increase. Pretty neat how something so simple can help us so much.

Increase your vibrational frequency with wind. - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

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