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Manifest A Relationship

Using the Law of Attraction for relationships works because it’s about your thoughts. Like thoughts attract like things. If you don’t like yourself much, you’re going to project that energy of dislike, and will be exactly what you attract in return, and what you receive from others.

If you have a relationship now that is a struggle, focus on what you appreciate about the other person. (Don’t complain about him or her.) If you think about being alone or if you’re lonely in the world, law of attraction will bring you loneliness. If you’re frustrated with yourself or with relationships, you’ll receive frustration. If you continually think that you won’t find love or if you don’t love yourself, the law of attraction will bring you instances where you won’t find love. So, don’t look at yourself or relationships as it is now, but how you want it to be. This is so important. Live as if this is already a reality. Do the things that you’d normally do if you did love yourself, or if you had the relationship that you wanted. Go on that vacation that you wanted, take those classes you’re interested in, sign up for a massage, etc. These actions are powerful thoughts that will draw and attract more love into your life, and you’ll develop more self-love in the process.

Throughout all of this, remember to love and respect yourself so that you can attract someone who loves and respects you.

Manifest love in your life with positive thoughts.

How To Manifest Love & A Relationship In Your Life - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach
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