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Do Pets Go To Heaven?

Animals have souls, and are pure energy. In fact, they’re one of the purest forms of energy. They’re complete healers and teachers of unconditional love. Think about it. You can accidentally step your pet’s cute little paw, and they immediately come back to us to lick our hand to make us feel better. They console us when we’re down, and stay with us when we’re lonely. They’re amazing amazing souls, and heal us in ways that we don’t even realize – and show us what true unconditional love is.

So do they go to heaven? Absolutely! They survive death just like we do, and are completely fine. They’re all around us, all of the time, and they’ll meet us again, right beside our passed loved ones, when we move over to the other side. This is exciting that we can all be reunited with our pets again, because we love them so so much.

If you have a pet that has crossed over, please feel free to share their name or photo below, and let’s celebrate their life together. Feel free to share your experiences with your beloved pet, and those special times that bring meaning to your life.

Do Pets Go To Heaven? - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

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