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Audio of Authentic Angels Singing

Caught On Tape During Church Choir Practice

Recording Published November 14, 2013

Seven people in Kansas City got together for choir practice one afternoon and recorded the session. They wanted to check their recording equipment and harmony so they reviewed the tape. They sang the chorus "Hallelujah" once, then there's a short pause, and then sang it again.

Acapella - no instruments.

When they start playing the tape back, they thought something was wrong with the system, because they realized that there were thousands of voices singing with them. There was a harp, base guitar, trumpets, all sorts of things in there, and then the time that they paused, there's a solo. But none of them sang that... What adds to the confusion is when words to a verse appeared on the tape from what appeared as someone singing with them, that no one new the words to, or actually sang during the practice.

This woman gave the recording to a music professor in Lubbock, TX who reviewed the tape, and told her that there were voices on there that the human vocal range couldn't go to, and they were sustained longer than the human voice can sustain one note for.

"There is no other explanation for this, other than supernatural."

I'm not sure who was speaking in the video to give them credit, so I've provided a direct link to the YouTube video that contains what I've written above, and the recording of the angels singing that is reflected after she's done explaining all of this, so keep listening to the end so that you can hear this yourself.

My personal opinion…. It's real.

Take a peek and see what you think.

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