Making Full Moon Water

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

MAKING FULL MOON WATER, Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach and Mentor,

MAKING FULL MOON WATER? When the moon is full in the sky on October 24th, it is the perfect time to set your crystals out under the moonlight to cleanse and recharge them! If you haven’t ever tried this, it really is one of the most powerful ways to charge up crystals, and if you’re like me you will be able to visibly notice a difference (they’re so much shinier after their moon bath)… The Full Moon is also the perfect opportunity to make some moonlight water to drink so you can cleanse and charge yourself up too! 💦 🌕 WHAT IS FULL MOON WATER? 🌕💦 Moonlight water, or Full Moon Water is essentially just water that you set outside under the light of the Full Moon to “charge”. You’ll want to be sure that you use spring or purified water so that it’s free from added chemicals or impurities, and you will also want to store your water in a glass container so there is no plastic residue leeching into it! Once you have purified or spring water in a glass container, just set it outside on the night of the Full Moon! You can find a special place for it if you would like, or place your crystals, incense or herbs around it… The important part is just to get the water outside under the light of the moon. If it’s cloudy, raining outside, or you only have a windowsill to use which doesn’t really get direct moonlight it will still work, just not quite as well. But don’t let that stop you! 💦🌕 HOW TO MAKE MOONLIGTH WATER 🌕💦 Place your jug or bottle of water outside and as the water sits out under the light of the Full Moon it becomes activated. I don’t have any clever scientific research to share with you as to how, or why this works… I can just tell you from my personal experience and my intuition that it do