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Why We Experience Deja Vu And What It Is

I recently learned that Deja Vu means "already seen". When you experience this, you feel as if you've already seen or experienced what you're doing at that exact moment. It's a crazy feeling really, because you know that you're experiencing it for the first time, but it comes to you as a memory in a way, like it's already happened, while you're seeing the event unfold in your mind's eye and it's like time is standing still for a brief moment. There are times when you're in that moment, that you can recite an entire conversation that is going to happen, or know what will happen moments or even days afterward. The main distinction with deja vu is that you shouldn't be familiar with the situation you're experiencing, yet you are.

It's really a form of precognition, but there are a lot of ideas why this happens, from medical issues to prophetic dreams you've had in the past that you don't remember. There are some that also believe that when we map out our life experience before we incarnate, in order to have specific experiences on the earthly plane, and to learn lessons from those experiences, that we experience deja vu to signify that we're on the right path. We're definitely here to learn life lessons both great and small, and we do map out our lives to a certain extent in order to learn our life lessons, but I don't believe that it signifies that we're on the right path because of the information that is coming through, and when it comes though, which is only when our vibrations are higher.

For instance, we've all experienced deja vu more when we were younger, when our vibrational frequencies were much higher than they are now. It's happened at random times with random information coming through, that is insignificant to our life path. For example, when I was young, I remember slicing cheese on the cutting board in the kitchen one day after school, and having a deja vu moment of an event and conversation that was going to happen in 3 days when my friend Tina was going to come over to spend the night. The crazy thing, is that it felt like it had already happened, but at the same time, I knew that it was in my future. I ran into the living room to tell my mom the exact time, conversation, and what room we were going to be in the house when this took place that coming Friday night, and for her to observe when this happens. I really wanted her to be a part of this experience. When Friday rolled around, that event and conversation happened exactly as I had mentioned. But what value did that conversation have towards my life path? Nothing really, but it made me realize that I could predict the future. When I looked back at every deja vu experience that I had, I learned the same thing, in that I was being guided to learn more, embrace my gifts, and keep going with it. Little did I know, that my spirit guides were nudging me to develop this ability more by practicing.

When you do things to naturally elevate your frequency, you're raising your vibration to a level that you can hear, see and feel information coming in from your guides more easily. They'll continue to give you nudges like this (deja vu) to make you aware of what you're capable of, and to give you a taste of what is to come, should you undergo development of your abilities. Prophetic Dreams are the same thing - a nudge to jumpstart your development. They're all predictions whether they come in our wake or sleep state, so run with this. Practice predicting, do things to elevate your frequency, and embrace your gifts that were given to you to help and heal others. 🙏

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Written By Audra Loibl

© 2018 Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach/Mentor, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner

The Reason Why We Experience Deja Vu, And What It Is - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

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