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The Power Of Water And How It Can Unblock Your Intuitive Abilities And Release Negative Energy

Sometimes you can receive intuitive impressions, moments of clarity or insight with regard to your abilities when you're taking a shower, soaking in a bath, or relaxing in the pool. Some intuitives even do readings with water and get impressions from the way it swirls in a cup or the way drops of water form on a glass. They'll dip their fingers in water and then let it drip by their fingers onto the table or any flat service and do a reading by how the water drops fall, and are placed. Water is an awesome conductor of impressions for a lot of different reasons, including scrying. Before we were born, we lived in water, when we are connected to it now, we relax and feel comfortable, making it easier to receive impressions or messages. Water also acts as a spiritual cleanser as it can wash away our troubles and negative energies while in a shower as well (a quick meditation will do this for you).

Sometimes when you're blocked intuitively, water can unblock you. It can connect you with your intuitive abilities, relieve stress and anxiety, and allow you to release any negative energy surrounding you.


You'll need to run a nice hot bath, as hot as you can handle without it being to hot (you don't want it to burn). Feel free to add a scent if you'd like; lavender is one of my fave's because it helps me relax. You can also light some candles to add to the ambiance, or add rose pedals to the water. Stand in the tub and slowly enter the water. As the water flows over your skin, imagine its energy flowing into the muscles of your legs and all the way through your body as you sink deeper into the water until the water is to your chin. Feels good, right? Visualize the water's energy flowing through you, finding all of the negativity and soaking it up like a sponge. Ask your guides for any messages that they have for you, think about new ideas you would like to take on or solutions to problems that you need to take care of and then let these thoughts go. Clear your mind, feel centered within yourself, and connect to your own intuitive energy. Now, and this is the most important part - relax. Notice that ideas, solutions and messages are coming to you, ever so slightly. Remember, they come in quick flashes of images and feelings, so having a clear mind free from distractions is key here. When you're finished soaking, imagine the energy of the water that you drew inside of you, your muscles, now moving out of your body, taking any negativity with it. I will visualize negativity as a darker energy or water to distinguish it more clearly. Stand up in the tub and pull the drain so that all of the negativity goes down the drain with the water. Shake off any water from your feet as you get out of the tub. Once you're all dried off, write down any messages that you received for reference, because identifying and journaling is so important during our spiritual journey.

When you feel an intuitive block, negativity can play such a huge role in this, as can lack of sleep, stress, not being healthy, and a number of other reasons, so by doing this exercise, you're allowing yourself to see things in a different perspective that will help relieve yourself of burdens that you no longer need to carry. You'll feel recharged, invigorated, and more in tune with your intuitive nature.

Unblock Your Intuitive Abilities & Release Negative Energy with Water - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

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