Learn How To Have Lucid Dreams

Learning How To Have Lucid Dreams by Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach wwwAudraLoibl.com

Lucid dreams are dreams when you're aware that you’re dreaming, where you feel that you have full control with what happens. These are really powerful states of mind. Anything is possible in a dream; you can go anywhere, do anything, and have access to any truth. Dreams happen in delta brain states. (Delta brain state is a deep and highly connected state.) Awake or asleep, you can create your reality. Theosophists believe we travel in our dreams to meet with guides, to help souls cross over, and to attend etheric universities. Using lucid dreaming, you can meet higher dimensional beings, receive healing, and learn new skills and techniques. How cool is that? Lucid dreams often happen spontaneously. You can be in the middle of a dream and suddenly become aware that you’re dreaming. Typically when this happens, it’s so surprising that people will wake up right away. The trick is to both induce the experience and then maintain it. Some will learn how to do this right away, and some will have to learn how to do it over time. The first step to maintaining awareness in dreams is to improve your dream recall. Keep a journal near your bed to write your dreams in. Write down whatever details you can remember right away; the more details that you write, the more that you'll see coming back to mind. Another benefit of doing this is that it increases your awareness of the average dream state, which will help alert you to lucid dream. Your subconscious mind also alerts you in a lucid dream that you are dreaming, giving you a chance to take control of the experience. It does this by having something odd occur so that you suddenly realize that you’re dreaming. I think we've all experienced this a few times in our lives. Flying is the most common cure. The next time you fly in a dream, wake up and continue your dream with awareness. To program yourself to lucid dream, place the intention as you go to sleep. Intend to immediately take control of the dream as soon as you are alerted to it being a dream. Using this practice every night can help you induce the experience. Try not to become discouraged if it doesn't happen right away, keep practicing. 🌸🌷 LUCID DREAMING EXERCISE 🌷🌸 1) Go to sleep with the intention of doing thre