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Learn How To Have Lucid Dreams

Learning How To Have Lucid Dreams by Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach

Lucid dreams are dreams when you're aware that you’re dreaming, where you feel that you have full control with what happens. These are really powerful states of mind. Anything is possible in a dream; you can go anywhere, do anything, and have access to any truth. Dreams happen in delta brain states. (Delta brain state is a deep and highly connected state.) Awake or asleep, you can create your reality. Theosophists believe we travel in our dreams to meet with guides, to help souls cross over, and to attend etheric universities. Using lucid dreaming, you can meet higher dimensional beings, receive healing, and learn new skills and techniques. How cool is that? Lucid dreams often happen spontaneously. You can be in the middle of a dream and suddenly become aware that you’re dreaming. Typically when this happens, it’s so surprising that people will wake up right away. The trick is to both induce the experience and then maintain it. Some will learn how to do this right away, and some will have to learn how to do it over time. The first step to maintaining awareness in dreams is to improve your dream recall. Keep a journal near your bed to write your dreams in. Write down whatever details you can remember right away; the more details that you write, the more that you'll see coming back to mind. Another benefit of doing this is that it increases your awareness of the average dream state, which will help alert you to lucid dream. Your subconscious mind also alerts you in a lucid dream that you are dreaming, giving you a chance to take control of the experience. It does this by having something odd occur so that you suddenly realize that you’re dreaming. I think we've all experienced this a few times in our lives. Flying is the most common cure. The next time you fly in a dream, wake up and continue your dream with awareness. To program yourself to lucid dream, place the intention as you go to sleep. Intend to immediately take control of the dream as soon as you are alerted to it being a dream. Using this practice every night can help you induce the experience. Try not to become discouraged if it doesn't happen right away, keep practicing. 🌸🌷 LUCID DREAMING EXERCISE 🌷🌸 1) Go to sleep with the intention of doing three things: 🔸 Program yourself to wake up in your dream. As you create the intention, imagine it happening. See a cue and imagine yourself waking up. 🔸 Program yourself to perform an action that will alert you to the fact that you have control. In his book Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, Carlos Castaneda, he mentions programming yourself to immediately look at your hands as soon as you realize that you’re dreaming. You'll be surprised how hard it is to do this, but when you can do it, you can become conscious in your dreams. 🔸 Program yourself to wake up when the dream is over. If you wake up in the night, immediately write down what you remember even if you don’t think you had a lucid dream. We actually have regular lucid dreams but just don’t remember them, so writing them down may jog your memory. If you don't feel like you'll wake up, set an alarm to go off once or twice a night to help you get into the habit. 2) Use the time between waking and sleeping to support your program. This state is called the hypnogogic state and is the realm of theta and delta brainwaves. This is a powerful time for visioning and will support maintaining your intention. (This is also the state that I've mentioned during mentoring when you'll hear random conversations and see images of people and other things from your guides that helps train your clairvoyance and clairaudience.) 🔸 As you're falling asleep, imagine yourself having a lucid dream. See yourself in a dream; feel the wind, sun, or other things around you. Smell where you are. Engage all of your senses. This trains you to pay attention to when you wake up from a dream. 🔸 Use recurring dreams as a focus for creating a lucid dream. As you go to sleep, re-write your recurring dream. Remember the dream in detail, and then at key points change the outcome in your imagination. This will not only help you take control of a frightening situation, it also programs you to wake up and become conscious when you have this dream. 3) Write down your dreams first thing in the morning before you get out of bed and do anything, even using the bathroom. If you have to get up, write down keywords to help you remember when you sit back down. (And remember, you can also set an alarm during the night to promote dream recall as well, you don't have to wait until the morning.) 4) Once you begin to lucid dream, add to your program the intention you want in your dream. Do you want to meet with masters or learn about a past life? Your dreams can take you anywhere you want to go.

5) Start your day by grounding, centering, and establishing boundaries. 🌸🌷 PRACTICING DISCERNMENT 🌷🌸 Whatever method you use, it takes time and practice to get consistent, clear, and good results. Trust your first hit; it’s usually less contaminated by your inner critic. Once you start doubting yourself, your mind will try to fill in the blanks with what it thinks should be happening, and your results will more likely reflect your own bias. Always test your results and fine-tune your approach. As you start receiving intuitive information, never assume you know what’s right for another person. Your hit might not be what he or she needs in the moment. The other person is working on his or her own growth, and your insight may or may not be helpful. As no one else knows what is right for you, the only person who knows what’s right for another person is himself or herself. 🌷 To book a mentoring session, please visit 🌼 To view other articles like this, visit my page: ----------------------- #LucidDreaming #LucidDreams #ControllingYourDreams #AudraLoibl #PsychicMedium #Psychic #Medium #IntuitiveCoach #Mentor #IntuitiveMentor #PsychicMentor

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