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Sitting In The Power - Activation Meditation

Sitting In The Power - Activation Meditation to Reach Higher Consciousness, Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach,


A "must do" for anyone who is trying to develop their abilities.

SITTING IN THE POWER It's also known as Sitting with Spirit or Sitting in the Silence. It involves relaxing the body, clearing your mind and allowing yourself to spend time within the Power; building your own power, attuning to and blending with the Power of Spirit World. Once relaxed, you look inside yourself to find a spark of divinity. This divinity is a bright light inside. You imagine this light coming from within you, growing brighter and brighter. You feel the warmth and power of this light coming from inside of you, growing and spreading out further and further. This is the spark of divinity. This is the power of your soul. Eventually you notice a light far brighter than your own, a warm welcoming all powerful light. You move towards it and begin to merge and blend this light with your own. This is called blending with Spirit. You can remain with the Power of spirit for as long as you wish. Feel it warm you comfort you and empower you.

💙 HOW TO SIT IN THE POWER • You should sit as often as possible- weekly if not daily. • You should be alone where you will not be disturbed. There should be no background music or noises which may distract you • Practice will lead to habit, and eventually it will become automatic. • Sitting in the Power is not about making contact with Spirits, Guides or Helpers. It is about being with the energy, expanding your soul, touching Spirit and being touched by Spirit. • Aim to keep your body perfectly still. • Sit for at least 10minutes. With practice you may wish to sit for longer and longer. • The process will be completely unique to you- Spending time developing it.


• The Power is unique to each person and what you feel when sitting in the Power will be individual to you.

• When in the Power of Spirit, some people see strong and vibrant colors, some feel energy around them similar to static electricity. Others may feel sensations in the body such as a tightening of the head or an energy running down their spine. You may experience the “cobweb” sensation or any other sensation that is a calling card from your spirit helpers- a hand on your shoulder perhaps.

• What you feel is not important, so long as you feel something and sense something change within you or within your mind. Any feeling is a positive thing.

• Sitting in the Power can be a very beautiful and moving experience. It is not uncommon to lose track of time“ you may feel as though you have been sitting for less time than you actually have, or visa-versa. You may experience heightened emotions or a feeling of bliss while sitting in the Power.

💙 SITTING IN THE POWER GUIDED MEDITATION This meditation on YouTube is wonderful and 11:11 minutes, so it’s perfect! I really enjoyed listening to it, and it helped put everything above into a relaxing visual that was amazing. I had great results with this.

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