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I Hear Spirit Chatter, Ear Ringing, Music & Constant Humming. What does this mean?

Spirit chatter, ear ringing, music & humming. Why am I hearing this? Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach,


Why do we hear chatter or music in the background? This is perfectly normal for the early stages of development. Spirits are trying to get your attention, because they know how gifted you are. This is your queue to jump on the development wagon and raise your vibrational frequency. Once you do this, it will make it easier for you to see, hear and feel them. It probably sounds like a party is going on in the next room; you hear lots of chatter, sometimes music that is unfamiliar, or sounds or voices like their coming from an old AM radio that you wish you could tune in. Sometimes if you turn your head a little, you can hear them better, as it will help to tune into their frequency, but will only be a subtle improvement. If you move around to find the source, it's gone or you won't find it. This usually happens during the most mundane of times when you're doing brainless things around the house, like walking to another room, cleaning the house, trying to sleep, etc. (Although, I find that when it happens before I go to sleep, the voices are much clearer and are accompanied with images of the people/spirits.) When you hear the chatter or music, try to quiet your mind to tune in better, but don't focus to much, as that will actually decrease your ability to hear them.

EAR RINGING At some point, you'll also get 'ear ringing'. This will go away after you're more developed and your vibration elevates more. Spirits and our Guides are on a much higher plane than we are, so their frequency is super high. If we're not developed enough, meaning our vibration is too low, and they're trying to communicate with us, we'll get the ringing or high pitch in our ears. This ringing sound is the frequency difference between them and us. When you start working on psychic exercises, meditating, living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your chakras on a continual and consistent basis, this will naturally raise your vibrational frequency and instill a relationship with our Guides. When they see that we're reaching for them by embracing our spiritual journey, they'll work harder to lower their vibration to meet ours. Once you guys meet in the middle, that's when the magic happens, and you'll have clear communication, where you'll be able to hear, see and feel spirits and your guides with clarity and on command. Development to get to this point can take about a year to three years, so time and commitment during your development are key. Could some people have tinnitus? Absolutely, but if you're going through an ascension, it's unlikely. Feel free to have testing done if you're unsure.


The universe has a rhythm that you can hear, if you stop and listen carefully. OM is one of the universal words, and is the primal sound that emanates from the entire universe. By continually chanting this sacred sound during a meditation, it will revitalize your energy centers; harmonize your mind, body, and soul; and instill peace and inner calmness. It will also raise your vibration to a higher consciousness, and in doing so, clear the channel for intuition. AUM or OM is a word of power. Try chanting it slowly ten times during your next meditation. Enjoy the vibration!

HOW TO QUIET THE NOISE To get the chatter or ear ringing under control, there's a quick meditation that you can do anywhere, that works really well. Take a minute to quiet your mind and visualize an eye, door or curtain on your mind's eye that is wide open. Then slowly close it until it is perfectly shut. Imagine that as you're doing this, it's getting quieter and you're seeing spirits step back until you can no longer see them. Once you have your eye/door closed, kindly tell the spirits to take a step back, and that you're closed for business. You need time to rest. Remember, you have to have the belief and intent, that while you're visualizing this, that it IS happening for it to work. You can also ask your spirit guides (including your Gatekeeper Guide), to help you keep the spirits at bay. Within about 5 minutes, the chatter or ear ringing will drastically reduce completely, or at least by 80%. You can also visualize a switch on your body that you flip up or down if you preferer this method to those mentioned above. When you wake up in the morning, when you're ready, or before giving a reading, visualize your eye/door/curtain over your mind's eye completely closed, and start to slowly open it until it's wide open. Let your Guides know that you're open for business again and to allow free communication of the higher good (making sure that only positive energy comes through). You can open and close as often as you'd like. © 2018 Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach/Mentor, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner

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