How to Ground and Protect/Shield

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Grounding and protecting is essential when working with spiritual energy, especially before you do readings or are a strong Empath. It helps to keep other people's energies away from you so that you're not carrying it with you, which can be draining. Try to get in a daily routine of doing these two visualizations. It's takes 30 seconds of your time, so it's super quick.

GROUNDING The first step to protecting yourself from foreign energies, is to perform a grounding meditation. By grounding yourself, you are restoring your connection to the earth and bringing yourself a few moments of quiet to focus on yourself and your core. It also helps to keep you in the present moment. GROUNDING VISUALIZATION Visualize a clear ball (or bubble) of pure white golden light around your b. As you concentrate on this light, notice it getting brighter and bigger. Slowly bring this ball of beautiful clear white golden light around you so that it wraps itself around you. You'll want to completely encase yourself in the protective light, and bring the light out to at least 10 feet to protect your aura as well. While you do this, you'll want to state your intention. Something that I personally say is, "I protect myself in God's white golden light of love and protection that will keep me safe from any and all harm". You can do this on yourself and others, as well as your home and land. you reach the center, imagine your cord wrapping around this ball of light a few times, then, energized with pure Source Energy, the cord travels back up to your sacrum. ANOTHER WAY THAT YOU CAN GROUND In a grounding meditation, you sit or stand uprigh