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Shadow People. What are they?

Shadow People and What They Mean. Written By Audra Loibl, Psychci Medium and Intuitive Coach

WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN YOU SEE SHADOW PEOPLE OUT OF THE CORNER OF YOUR EYE? Shadow people are typically dark or gray, human shapes seen out of the corner of your eye, and the most common energy that people will see with their untrained eye. Once noticed, they will often take off if they realize they've been seen. Shadow people are also known as dark shadows or shadow ghosts and are probably the most misunderstood. They're spirits who have chosen not to go forward into the light. Missing this transition, they'll remain on the plane right above ours where they can be more easily seen because their vibrational frequency is pretty close to ours. But that's not all it is... What you're seeing is energy, and in most cases, the energy of passed loved ones. Energy will appear in many different colors, but we often see the darker colors better than the lighter ones, because we see them in our wakened state when we're walking around doing things with many distractions around us, so the darker colors are easier for us to see. They're harmless, and nothing to fear. Yes, it can also be a lower level energy, but conditions have to be just right for this to happen, and is extremely rare that it ever would happen.

Shadow people are not demons or evil, as some want to theorize, but people that have passed on; and how they look to us is most likely due to three factors:

• Their inner condition (state of the soul).

• If they feel the need to help or guide us before they're ready to transition into the light.

• How we are able to perceive them in the visible spectrum.

Because we fear darkness, many of us have come to believe that shadow people have ill intentions and are evil. However, most shadow people are not negative in nature, and are simply here to help us. Shadow people can be both adults and children, male and female, but often as people reliving their former lives, and remaining as earthbound spirits, or again as passed loved ones or guides who are watching over and guiding us.

Once you start elevating your vibrational frequency, you'll be able to see, hear and feel spirits with more control and on command. Until then, you'll see their energy this way.


When spirits choose not to go through the light and transition to a higher plane, their vibration remains lower in frequency, very close to our frequency here on Earth. They stayed back for various reasons like feeling the need to finish helping or guiding someone before they move on, feeling shame and not worthy to enter heaven, or fear that they might be punished if they transcend because they may have been a bad person while living, or ended their life, etc. Because they're so close to our frequency, they see, hear and feel us very well, so they observe and roam until they're busy helping people that they intended to stay behind to help, or they realize that they can continue on their journey to the higher realms because they're going to be ok and accepted, regardless of their actions here on Earth. Everyone gets accepted into heaven and allowed to continue on their journey, but some don't realize or believe it. So they wait it out.

Written By Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

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