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Live The Life You Planned

Before your birth, you mapped out a plan to have specific experiences in your life that would teach you the lessons you needed to learn. While still in the spiritual realm, you made agreements with others who may or may not have incarnated during the same time frame as you. These lessons are experienced as you live and interact with people here on earth. 🌏

As the creator, planner, and instigator of your earthly experience, you set your purpose and are striving to reach those objectives. You have to be spiritually aware of your own essence so that you can clearly see the goals and lessons that you planned. Sometimes fear can cause you to approach life in a bit of a fog because you really don't want to move forward with the lessons you're supposed to learn. You're either afraid or you just don't want to learn the lesson. You need to embrace your earthly experience with clear vision. Doing so allows your energy to grow so you'll be fully awake, aware, and participating in your premade plans. As your frequency builds within you, you'll have no choice but to acknowledge your plans because you're more open-minded and connected to true spiritual self.

Live the life you planned.

Live The Life You Planned - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

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