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Cutting Cords from Energy Vampires

Cutting Cords from Energy Vampires and Releasing Netative Energy - Perfect For Empaths - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

We've all met emotional vampires - people who can literally suck your energy dry. An emotional vampire is someone who leaves you feeling drained after you've spent some time with them. Some emotional vampires don't even realize what they're doing, while others intentionally use episodes of emotional upset to make you feel guilty. They often come across as needy, helpless, or depressed individuals. They feel your positive light and high energy levels, so they attach themselves to you because you make them feel better about themselves through your caring words and actions. Maybe you've shared an event of crisis with them and they feel bonded to you, as though no one other than you can ever understand them. Even people you tend to ignore can attach themselves to your energy without you even realizing it. To put detach their energy from yours and prevent them from sucking your energy from you, you have to disconnect their energy from your own.

Here's a couple of creative visualization techniques that you can use any time your energy feels drained, or you feel that others are projecting negative thoughts or feelings towards you. By cutting loose any negative attachments, you will feel lighter and free your energy of the emotional vampire's ties on you. One technique is to start by sitting quietly and closing your eyes. Now look all over your body for any kind of attachments you may find. They may appear as thick pink or silver cords, a tangle of webby-looking connections, or even as strings or ropes. Now, use the first and middle fingers of your dominant hand as scissors and start cutting away all of the attachments. If some appear to have roots, pull them out. As you cut and pull, imagine holding the ends in your opposite hand. Look for these connections everywhere; on your back, under your feet, in your armpits, in your hair, everywhere... Once you're sure that you've found all of the negative attachments, release the connections into the universe so that they can transmute into positive energy. My favorite way of cutting cords, which I personally do, is to use a long stick of selenite. I'll call upon Archangel Michael to assist me, and say a personal prayer of intent to him. Place the selenite wand at the top of your head, above your crown chakra. Keep your want horizontal and slowly move it down towards your feet, all the while, visualizing it cutting cords to people that you no longer want taking energy from you. Make the intention to keep those attached that hold meaning in your life, such as family, close friends, etc. You're only wanting to cut the cords to those that do not serve your highest good. Keep moving the wand back to the top of your head and move down all sides, front and back, making sure to get all areas, including under your feet. You want all areas covered to make sure that you're getting all cords.

Once you've gotten rid of all the attachments, put a bubble of white light around you. Place mirrors on the outside of the bubble so that any new attachments will bounce right off your energy and return to the person who wants to attach to you, or you can reflect the energy to the universe to be transmuted into positive energy. Any time you feel that you may have emotional vampires attaching to you, do this exercise to eliminate them.

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