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Sit in a comfortable spot, and breathe in through your nose and out your mouth – close your eyes and focus on your breath.

As you breathe in, imagine the inside of yourself cleansed and illuminated with each breath.

Now just imagine that you are made of light – you can float outside of your body. Know that you are so much more as a soul than as a human.

Send out a thought that you would like to see your highest self revealed before you.

Feel what it’s like to connect with this soul self. Look for any traits you recognize from your human form – your eyes, your heart, your hands.

Now imagine your soul self leads you to a beautiful room with a red velvet chair to sit on.

When you sit down, you see before you a movie screen. Your soul self is beside you, there to assist you in reviewing events in your lifetime.

You might see unexpected events that you don’t expect – and you will realize that they have an effect on your life today.

Your soul self plays images from your life: Images as a toddler, a young child – as you watch, you sense emotional charges, hurt, confusion, insecurity that are still holding you back.

Watch those emotional charges on the screen in front of you.

Put the ones that have the most significance in a box on the screen.

Now your soul self is revealing events that happened when you were a teenager. Puberty, changes in how you felt about your parents, relationships that hurt you, people who didn’t see you for who you really were.

Put the feelings and events that left a stain on your soul during this time in another box on the screen.

Now you’re watching yourself in young adulthood. You see relationships that hurt you, addictions, mistakes you might have made that you’re still holding onto. Guilt, loss, regret. Put them in a box.

Now in your thirties, watch as the screen reveals more. So much happens at this time. Marriages, career, children, personal growth.

Don’t do anything with these images that have left emotional charges. Just watch them, and put them in a box on the screen with the others.

Scroll through your 40s, 50s, 60s. You might see scars left by disappointments, career challenges, failed relationships.

Remember this is all self-discovery to reveal the emotional charges that you are carrying.

As they are revealed to you – put them on the screen.

Now as you sit in your chair, look into the screen with the boxes for each period of your life. It’s like looking at a tiny movie for each period of your life.

Don’t judge, overthink or try to fix anything. Just observe quietly.

Now your soul-self has somewhere else to take you.

Your soul self has created a beautiful garden for you – it leads you to a silk hammock. Picture yourself relaxing on the hammock.

You feel a white light on you body, and you gaze up at a bright glowing beautiful moon. The moon will take care of you emotionally, so imagine the motherly love that shines from the moon. Feel the love.

Now envision that all of the squares, these emotional charges that you saw on the screen are released from your heart. Each one is represented by a sparrow flying toward the moon, and is transformed by the Luna light.

All the hurt, fear, sense of lost control, stories you’ve made up about yourself, flies up toward the moon.

Take a deep breath and say these words – I transform these events that I am holding onto into love and joy. I release them.

Release them, and let go…watch them fly away. They no longer serve you.

Finally, your soul self leads you down a path through a beautiful garden with trees filled with white doves. There’s a white dove to represent each of the sparrows you have released. The white doves come to you, one at a time, and remind you of a positive aspect of your soul. You feel lighter and more blessed as each dove visits you – representing love, joy, forgiveness and peace.

Feel the emotions as each dove touches your hand. That is who you truly are.

Explore the upcoming year with your soul self.

James Van Praagh

Vortex Meditation by James Van Praagh - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

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