Aura Repair - Cleansing & Strengthening

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Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your body, and is basically an extension of you. When it’s strong it acts as a protective shield. When it’s fragile or damaged it can leave you drained, unwell and feeling disconnected from yourself. Overtime, your aura obtains holes and becomes weakened, especially if someone is thinking negative thoughts of you. I’ll repair your aura to make it strong again and increase it’s durability and integrity, offering you protection and overall well-being.

Some Indicators That You Have Holes In Your Aura

When your physical skin gets cut, you are in danger of having an infection, causing viruses to invade your body that will eventually make you really sick. When your aura gets torn, negative energies can invade your spiritual body, causing you emotional, mental, spiritual, or even physical problems .

When you get holes in your aura, you also become an easy prey for psychic vampires (those people who feed on your energy) and psychic attacks (such as curses).

Some of the most common signs of a hole in your aura are: