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Feeling Connected

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Connecting To Your Souls and Higher Self by Audra Loibl, Psyshic Medium and Intuitive Coach Mentor

FEELING CONNECTED Finding different ways to connect to your soul, your spiritual core self, will raise your energy and spark your creativity. Here's a fun and creative visualization you can do to restore any disconnect with your spiritual self. Lie down and imagine that it's a hot summer day. You have a big rubber raft and are going on a lazy journey down a calm stream. Feel the coolness of the water against your legs as you place the raft into the stream, and climb in. Let your fingers dip into the refreshing water as the slow current floats you gently down the stream. Look around at the speckles of sunlight filtering through the leaves on nearby trees. Hear the movement of the stream as it flows smoothly underneath and beside you. Feel the rubber of the raft against your skin. Listen to the sounds of nature; the crickets chirping and the birds singing. Smell the earthy scent of the forest as you drift toward some unknown place. Take this time to feel your soul's energy flowing through you. Once you are reconnected with your spiritual self, roll off the raft and into the water, imagining it's silky smoothness invigorating your being. If you're lucky enough to live near a stream that you can float down, try this exercise for real! 💦 Doing this visualization will also help you feel more grounded, and feel a sense of peace and well-being. When you're stressed or in a state of worry, try doing this and just 'be'. Audra Loibl Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach/Mentor, Life Coach --------------------------- #higherself #connectingtoyoursoul #connectingtoyourhigherself #wellbeing #stressfree#worryfree #audraloibl #psychicmedium #psychic #lifecoach #intuitivecoach #intuitivementor #mentor #psychicdevelopment #developpsychicabilities #soullevel #stream #drifting #spiritualcoreself #raiseyourenergy #raiseyourvibration #visualization#exercise #wateronyourskin #relax #takeabreather #meditationtorelax #meditationforstress

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