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Service Description

I am a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher and Certified Advanced Angelic Energy Healer & Color Therapy Practitioner. During your session, I'll be performing aura and chakra cleansing and balancing to promote energy healing and to keep up your inner balance. This works by rebalancing your body's energy and clearing the energy fields. By working directly with your energy, this influences everything from mental, spiritual to physical well-being. This holistic approach is excellent for assisting in the healing process by unblocking our energy fields and helps to ward off future problems by identifying issues before they turn into pain in our physical body. By addressing the energy of our body, it'll promote better health and greater clarity. PHYSICAL BENEFITS OF HAVING REIKI • Eases aches and pains of all types • Relaxes muscles and tension • Increases energy • Relieves fatigue • Strengthens the natural self-healing process • Promotes sleep • Clears toxins • Balances energies EMOTIONAL & MENTAL BENEFITS OF HAVING REIKI • Relaxes the body and mind • Promotes feelings of calmness and well-being • Relieves stress • Encourages emotional release • Helps unlock suppressed feelings • Sooths emotional distress • Promotes a peaceful and positive outlook While this isn't a substitute for advice from a personal physician for the physical body, these methods will help you make a faster, easier recovery by getting you in touch with the spiritual body. You should always consult your physician for any physical ailments.

Additional Information & Cancellation Policy

All times booked on my calendar are Eastern Time, USA. All purchases are final. We do not refund, transfer or defer courses, workshops, classes, readings or sessions, and must be completed as purchased and specified. It is important that you're ready on time to take advantage of the time slot that you're paying for. If Audra is running behind schedule for any reason, known or unknown, and needs to reschedule your reading or session, the soonest available time will be provided to you. If you're taking one of our Mediumship courses you'll need to complete it within 6 months of purchase. Please refer to our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions so that you're familiar with our policies. Links are provided at the bottom footer of this website. For your privacy, Credit Card statements will show the payment as "Audra Gordon" only. It will not mention a description of services.

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