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Breakup/Divorce - End To A Relationship

  • 11 US dollars
  • Distance Healing

Service Description

A breakup is one of the most painful experiences we go through in life. Reiki can provide a calming and soothing form of energy therapy. Below are a few of the specific benefits Reiki can provide, post-breakup: RELEASING NEGATIVE EMOTIONS One of Reiki’s hallmarks is its ability to clear out heavy energy, including the gut-wrenching sadness and grief that most people feel after a breakup. Reiki will channel energy to clear out the places where sadness and grief are sitting in the body. CUTTING EMOTIONAL TIES When we’re in any kind of relationship, with family, friends, or partners, our energies intertwine with theirs. I often explain the energetic body, or aura, as what we commonly think of as personal space. Whenever someone is inside our energy field or personal space, our energy intermingles with theirs. Over time, this exchange can create connections, sometimes called “cords” or “energetic ties,” between two people. Reiki can help clear out the other person’s energy from yours, in addition to removing these energetic cords (with the client's permission) to speed up the healing process. CALMING THE MIND At the same time that heaviness, sadness, and grief are cleared out of the energy body, lightness is infused. Because Reiki taps into life force energy, which is essentially unconditional love, clients experience lightness and a sense of calm during and after a session. Additionally, because Reiki treatments promote physical relaxation, they can provide a much-needed respite from obsessive thoughts, this can mean anything from replaying the breakup to reliving the good times to beating themselves up over what went wrong or what they could have done differently. WHEN YOU'RE READY, ATTRACTING NEW LOVE I’ve worked with so many clients through the course of a breakup who, months later, contact me to tell me about the new love in their life. Sometimes we work directly on attracting new partnership after they’ve healed the wounds of their breakup. Yet more often, because they’ve cleared away the baggage and internalized their lessons, they naturally find themselves in a clearer emotional and energetic space to attract new and healthy love into their lives.

Additional Information & Cancellation Policy

All times booked on my calendar are Eastern Time, USA. All purchases are final. We do not refund, transfer or defer courses, workshops, classes, readings or sessions, and must be completed as purchased and specified. It is important that you're ready on time to take advantage of the time slot that you're paying for. If Audra is running behind schedule for any reason, known or unknown, and needs to reschedule your reading or session, the soonest available time will be provided to you. If you're taking one of our Mediumship courses you'll need to complete it within 6 months of purchase. Please refer to our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions so that you're familiar with our policies. Links are provided at the bottom footer of this website. For your privacy, Credit Card statements will show the payment as "Audra Gordon" only. It will not mention a description of services.

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