Expanding Your Abilities

Expanding Your Abilities, Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach and Mentor, www.AudraLoibl.com

The one thing that really stops most of us from succeeding is not believing in ourselves. The power of intuition really has no boundaries. Try this exercise to improve and expand the range of your abilities. Have a friend cut out three completely different photos from a magazine and place them in separate envelopes, so you can see them. Place the three envelopes in front of you and let your intuition reach inside the envelopes and see what colors, images, shapes, or patterns you sense. Take your time and write down your impressions. #ExpandingYourAbilities #NeverGiveUp #YouCanDoIt #PracticeMakesProgress #ExpandingAbilities #PsychicAbilities #IntuitiveCoach #Mentor #PsychicMentor #PsychicCoach