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Message From Your Spirit Guides + A Name

  • 122 US dollars
  • Via Email

Service Description

This reading is for you to receive messages from your Spirit Guides that is related to your spiritual path and growth. Having guidance from them at any point during your spiritual journey and development is key when it comes to elevating your frequency and growth. Spirit Guides are helpful beings that hold a spiritual, expanded perspective of our lives. Even before we incarnate, we will choose the right guides to help us on our path for this lifetime. Our Spirit Guides know our soul’s characteristics, path, and challenges. They know what we are here to learn in this lifetime, and their job is to help us to stay on track with the paths which align with our soul and life lessons. So they give us advice and assistance to that end. Spirit Guides have a high vantage point on your life. If you are ‘down on the ground’ navigating the maze of your life, your Spirit Guides are looking down on that maze, knowing where it might ultimately lead you. Spirit Guides help us to stay ‘on track’ by communicating with us through claircognizance (putting ideas or thoughts into our minds), clairsentience (through gut instincts, tingling/crawling sensations, and amplified emotions), clairaudience (our ‘inner voice’) and clairvoyance (symbols, images, and visions). We can also receive messages from our guides through dreams. They also give names that are a reflection of who they are (although not every guide will volunteer a name). I get a lot of Western, ‘normal’ names from guides but sometimes I will get names that I’ve never heard before that are unique. Their names in true form are actually frequencies, so I have to translate sound into something that we'd recognize in our language with syllables and our alphabet. During this reading, I'll also provide you with the name of your Mediumship Spirit Guide that is coming through in the reading, and information about him/her. •••••················································· MORE INFO •••••················································· With this reading in particular, I've had so many people ask me if I could type it out so that they could have it with them to reference as they went along their journey because it's filled with a lot of detailed information that you won't remember over time, so now I email the reading to people. However, after you've reviewed the reading and have questions or need clarification on anything we can hop on the phone and talk, so the reading isn't limited to emails.

Additional Information & Cancellation Policy

All times booked on my calendar are Eastern Time, USA. All purchases are final. We do not refund, transfer or defer courses, workshops, classes, readings or sessions, and must be completed as purchased and specified. It is important that you're ready on time to take advantage of the time slot that you're paying for. If Audra is running behind schedule for any reason, known or unknown, and needs to reschedule your reading or session, the soonest available time will be provided to you. If you're taking one of our Mediumship courses you'll need to complete it within 6 months of purchase. Please refer to our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions so that you're familiar with our policies. Links are provided at the bottom footer of this website. For your privacy, Credit Card statements will show the payment as "Audra Gordon" only. It will not mention a description of services.

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