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Remote Viewing


Extrasensory Perception

Remote viewing is the ability to "see" things and places from a distance by focusing on the object or place in your mind. 

This is by far one of my favorite exercises to work on because it requires you to work with your Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), and other Clair's to help fine tune those abilities. So, no matter where you're at in your development, this exercise will benefit you. If you keep practicing, you'll be so good that you'll see pretty much anything you're needing to. For me, it's like actually being in a physical location, and if I spin in a slow circle, I can see everything around me as if I were there. Remote viewing is perfect for working on missing persons cases, finding lost objects, scouting an area before you arrive, find out where your teens are, lol, or pretty much anything. If you plan to do readings, this will come in handy big time and will help you elevate your vibrational frequency quickly. 

Below are instructions to show you how to do these exercises. It's much easier than it may seem, but I wanted to be as detailed as I could in case there were any questions. Once you start doing them, you'll get the hang of it quickly. I've included images towards the bottom of this page that summarizes the process in just a few words to show you how simple it actually is.

Clear Your Mind

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and empty your mind of all thoughts, images and awareness, for five minutes before moving on. Visualize a black window in your mind that you'll use as your window for remote viewing, where you'll see your images through. Just like having a clear black screen in your mind. 

Learn To Keep Your Imagination Quiet

Your imagination will try to put images into that black window. You've been doing that all of your life, when you daydream, solve problems, or plan things. If you receive very vivid images, it is probably your imagination, not remote viewing, because remote viewed images are blurred and indistinct, especially at first. In remote viewing, you will see indistinct images, shapes, and colors, but they will usually not look like something identifiable. Relax and empty your mind if something clearly identifiable comes into it, and avoid trying to identify something or letting your imagination fill in the blanks to make something identifiable out of the impressions you have. If you can identify it, then your imagination has created it. When this happens, quiet your mind, make your window black, and start over again.

How To Do The Exercises

I'm going to have several exercises for you to practice with. Each exercise contains a series of numbers with a corresponding photo of a person, place or thing. This photo is what is associated with the numbers, and what you'll need to figure out. The image that contains a series of numbers is called a Target Identifier (TI), and is only used to give you something to focus on, but the numbers themselves don't mean anything. This number is associated with a photo that will be revealed when you're ready. You have to guess what is in the photo before you actually see it by focusing on the Target Identifier (numbers). Say the target number to yourself or see it written on the blackboard in your mind. Then sit quietly and wait for visual details, color, temperature, touch, texture, and emotional sense to come in. After you get impressions, open your eyes and sketch the images on a piece of paper or write the impressions down. Write only the details - don't try to decide what the target is. It will take you several times to work on each target. 

EXAMPLE: Say the photo (that is associate with a number) is of a cottage in the mountains. What you might see in your mind's eye could be squares, triangles, brown, blue, white circles, rectangle, pink, green, lines, etc. The squares could represent the buildings/homes, the triangles and brown and green could be for the mountains, blue and white circles for the sky and clouds, pink could be the flowers, rectangles could be the doors to the cottages, and lines representing people standing around. Be open to simple images that could represent anything in the photo. Once you start working with the exercises, you'll quickly get the hang of it.


The example below summarizes how to do the exercise.

This is a Target Identifier and what you'll initially see in each exercise. Use this to focus on to figure out what photo is associated with it (person, place or thing). When you have a few ideas written down, click on the ANSWER button to reveal the photo.

coordinates audra gordon

Once you click on ANSWER, the photo will be revealed. Check your sheet of paper to see if you came up with colors, shapes, textures, temperature, touch or an emotional sense of what is contained within the photo. Once you've reviewed the reveal, you're ready to move on to the next exercise.

remote viewing audra gordon

Maybe you picked up on a triangle shape that would represent her mermaid tail, or you saw yellow/gold, blue, black or green. Or you saw or felt liquid/water or a cool sensation representing cold water, or smelled/tasted salt for the sea water. If you saw the same image twice it could be due to the reflection from the water surface. Maybe you saw a female figure or angel wings (by her hips). Be open to anything that you pick up and try to use all of your Clair's while doing these exercises. Be sure to focus on the details rather than what you feel the image actually is. This is where it all begins.

Ready To Get Started?

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