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Sensing Spirits Around you

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

When it comes to feeling spirit around us, we can feel in many different ways through our Clairsentience. You might feel physical sensations that you've never felt before. When we work with spirit, it feels very different than it does when we talk to people who are living. There's a certain energy that they have that you're not used to feeling in the physical. These sensations are quick and short, but they shouldn't last very long. If you're not sure of the pain you're feeling, feel free to visit your local physician to be sure.




▪️ Ringing in the ears (I have an article on my website about this)

▪️ Smells

▪️ Sharp or throbbing pain in your head (usually indicating relevance to the spirit around you or their passing)

▪️ Chills or goosebumps

▪️ When a spirit touches you it may feel like a spider web across your skin

▪️ Chest pain (usually happens if they passed from heart or lung related issues.)

▪️ You might feel nauseous (this is rare tho)

▪️ Hot flashes

▪️ You might see orbs or small-colored lights

▪️ Buzzing or humming noise, or a high pitched sound

▪️ You might feel dizzy or lightheaded

▪️ You may see people or things out of the corner of your eye

▪️ The awareness or feeling that you're being watched




▪️ How soon is it passing?

▪️ Are there thoughts or feelings that you're having with these physical sensations?

▪️ Are you feeling anything else?

▪️ Ask spirit what the feeling is about? This may feel strange at first since it may seem like you're asking yourself, but trust the process of working with spirit.

Remember you're always in control. You can always tell them to back off a little or not come on so strong. Once you do this, you'll feel the energy being lifted from you. It doesn't mean they're not there, it just means they're stepping back a little so that you can have your space.

Spirit sometimes forget that we feel things differently in our physical bodies. This is where being in control and having open communication come into play. If you're feeling things too much, you always can tell them to lighten up with the impressions. If you want to feel more, give them permission to come closer.

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