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Clearing Your Space

Clearing Your Space, Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach and Mentor, Reiki Master,

A Different Way of Clearing Your House and Other Spaces If your space has a lot of people coming through or is used for healing work, it’s good to clear it on a daily basis. Otherwise it’s a good idea to get into the practice of clearing your house, office, or special rooms regularly, like once a week, once a month, or even once a season or year. Many people use clearing techniques (such as smudging and visualizations) every time they clean their house as part of the cleaning process (and do it all at one time), and other people only clear when it feels heavy, dull or depressed. Either way will work, but the more often, the better the space will feel. You can use the below technique to clear rooms, gardens, barns, and outdoor areas. When possible, clear energy after you’ve already cleaned or de-cluttered the space. 🍂🌿🌾 HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO 🌾🌿🍂 1) Ground, center, and establish boundaries. 2) Disrupt the energetic dust bunnies collecting in the corners of the room along with stagnant thought forms. Do this by walking through the room shaking your hands with loose fingers into the corners of the room and imagine stirring everything up. You can add to this by shaking a rattle or sweeping the room with a feather. Move systematically around the room, while giving more attention to areas that seem dense or sticky. 3) Disperse the energy you have loosened by standing in the center of the room and sweeping the room with the energy projection from your hands. Sweep from top to bottom, turning in a 360 degree circle to cover all of the space. If you can, smudge the room by burning sage, sweet grass, resins, or other cleansers. Walk around the room sweeping the smoke into the corners and all the nooks and crannies (including closets, basements and garages). 4) Establish a new harmonic to raise the vibration of energy by radiating love from your heart chakra throughout. You can do this by visualizing pink loving energy flowing freely though the home or space. 5) To add sound vibration, ring Tibetan bells, singing bowls, or chimes, or chant “Aum”. 6) To maintain the clean ambiance open windows for a least a short time every day to promote energy flow. #ClearingEnergy #ClearingYourSpace #LovingEnergy #RaiseTheVibration #RadiateLove #TibetanBells #SingingBowls #Chimes #Chant #Aum #CleanAmbiance #EnergyFlow #AudraLoibl #PsychicMedium #IntuitiveCoach #ReikiMaster #EnergyHealer

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