New Moon Meditation

Today, June 13th, is the day of the New Moon, which represents new beginnings. New beginnings can feel terrifying to some and exciting to others. We can alter how we perceive them simply by being grateful for our endings, as when someone or something leaves, another door opens for new beginnings to enter.

Whether we resist or find pleasure in endings or beginnings, it can be highly beneficial to use meditation to assist with structuring our lives by focusing first on structuring our minds. Meditation is the perfect practice to turn to when faced with the impatient, buoyant, and intense Aries energy and particularly when we want to focus on setting intentions for new beginnings. It also helps add integrity, authenticity, and meaningfulness to our future plans.

Below is a guide to a simple meditation that will help us manifest whatever we desire while also being able to remain calm and peaceful during this highly charged Aries new moon:

Meditation helps us remain in the present moment, so whenever we notice our thoughts casting back or projecting forward, we can just gently bring them back to the here and now.

Sit crossed legged with a straight spine, head slightly lowered and fingers in the chin mudra position (if this isn’t comfortable, choose any seated or lying down position with the hands together in front of the chest, palms lightly together, and thumbs and little fingers touching one another).

Inhale deeply through the nose, feeling the belly area expand and hold for approximately five seconds. As we inhale, we may feel the chest expanding slightly as this allows the heart chakra to open and lets loving energy circulate. We can then exhale slowly through the mouth.