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Manifest What You Want In Life

How do you make your goals and desires come alive? Having a clear picture in your mind and charging it with energy and intent can help turn it into reality. Visualize a goal already completed. Now FEEL what it’s like to have a successful outcome. See it happening here and now. Maintain and charge this image as you breath energy into it. Feel the excitement, the energy, and the joy. Let it go, trust, and release it to the universe.

What I always tell people when they’re trying to manifest something is to say to yourself that this “will” happen, don’t “wish” it to happen. Say you want a new car. Visualize yourself driving this car, feeling the steering wheel in you hands, the leather seats beneath your legs and how comfortable it is, watch the scenery as you’re taking the vehicle for a test drive. Imagine coming back to the dealership signing papers, the financing going through ok, shaking hands to seal the deal, and taking the car home with you, and parking it in your garage. Say to yourself “I will get this car. This car is meant for me to have. This car will serve me for years to come. I am worthy of this car”. You’ll want to avoid saying, “I hope I get this car.” Have the intent that you will have it. Believe that you will have it.

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“With an open mind, I can accept that anything is possible.” -Anonymous

“I recognize the power of my thoughts. Whatever I think can be conceived.” -Anonymous

Manifest what you want in life. Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

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